Snowflake Abby Brown -

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Muh gunetics
90 % of her pics involve this weird, uncomfortable forward lean. Is that to be cute?

Also I'm pretty sure that tit tat is some kind of an eyeball. What the string bit is and why it's in her cleavage is beyond me however.

And I'm sure she isn't going to clean any of these piercings, so they're going to get infected... :horrifying::horrifying:

And I thought my scene phase was bad. At least I got over it by the time I hit 15.
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Muh gunetics
Here's all I'm going to say about the matter. Look up vaginal prolapse. Keep in mind that while it affects all women to some degree, it disproportionately affects women who had babies and/or are very fat. Look at the pictures, if you dare.

She um, might be telling the truth in the most horrifying way possible.

Oh, you know it. I'm one. I mostly use it as weighloss encouragement. It's just that "I'm going to lose weight right thus second" was discouraged earlier in the thread.
I think it's supposed to be a peacock feather

I thought that too at first, but there is a reflection like on an eyeball, and the round bit looks a little bit too round for a feather.

I think one of us is right though. It's either a exceptional peacock feather or a exceptional eye ball with a thing coming out of it.



They're gonna have to open up my pecs again.
Her version of duckface offends me way more than usual because I can't seem to understand how she manages to make it look THAT bad. Also, the pink eye makeup makes her look diseased. I can't stand to look at her but also can't seem to look away. Her poor parents.....


Chicago Deep Dish Tampons
The fact that her parents seem ok with it suggests to me that her entire schtick is the result of sexual abuse in her teen years, probably by her dad with Mom pretending not to notice. Now they feel guilty because they know it was the abuse that led to this, so they indulge her whims and try to grin and bear it.


They're gonna have to open up my pecs again.

Why would anyone look at this and think it's a good enough picture to post for public consumption? She looks dirty. Honestly, i'd say she looks like she's on meth but she's fat so that can't be it.
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