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Big Nasty

She looks dirty. Honestly, i'd say she looks like she's on meth but she's fat so that can't be it.

BTW, what was this "Scene" bullshit about anyway? I've never really understood. Was this a trend that only existed on MySpace, or what?


I think it's soft core emo, which in turn, is soft core Goth.
Thank God it wasn't popular in my area. I never saw anyone like this around here. In the first pic she looks 50. She is not going to age well at all. Because she already looks like a hag trying to be a teen. She looks like she smells horrible too. Her cringe worthy Hot Topic couture wouldn't even look good on a toddler playing dress up.

I figured about as much.
I'm going to guess a really busted looking 30's. The Nightmare Before Christmas came out in 1993. And while it's still popular enough for younger people to know what it is, I think she may have been a first wave fan. She's got that look.


I want blood!
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Instagram: @abbybrownnightmarekid

Abby, is well known for her extreme devotion to Nightmare Before Christmas and old cringey "rap" videos she used to make.

Now onto when she shaved her head (and eventually eyebrows) I don't have very much and no one seemed to save the two cringey rap videos she made that literally blew up on facebook
(BTW!!! she did it cause she wanted to look more like Jack Skellington)

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BTW, what was this "Scene" bullshit about anyway? I've never really understood. Was this a trend that only existed on MySpace, or what?
In the very late 80s/ early 90s there was a really awesome, complex, experimental hardcore punk genre called emo. It was called emo because it was more about personal problems, as opposed to hardcore which was typically about politics, or being a badass hardcore parties. It was made by nerds with intentionally bad haircuts and I'll fitting clothes who dressed like that specifically to look as shitty and nonconformist as possible. By the early 00s, this aesthetic and the poppiest, most "listenable" aspects of the music (twinkly guitars, fey teenage boy vocals, loud/quiet dynamics, major key pop shit) had been stolen and watered down by faggy art students who were too pussy to keep making hardcore. The dynamics and complexity of the music got less important and it devolved into pop-punk, acoustic pop-punk, and god awful electronic indie. their shitty haircuts become more elaborate, their jeans got tighter, and their faded goodwill tshirts got more expensive. By the mid 00s, the aesthetic became the most important thing (even though it was specifically created in the first place to make them look shitty), and the unique hallmarks of the musical genre completely vanished. Eventually, because the original music was so different (and was decades old by that point) "scene" became the new word to describe people who dressed in that bizarre anime charicature of old hardcore kid style. It was a meaningless word that alludes to the underground days of hardcore when there were actually local "scenes"

Emo was originally such an awesome genre and I'm still bitter that these idiots stole the word to describe the way they dressed. It just means there are a ton of great bands that I can't recommend without having to sperg out about how emo isn't as shitty and embarrassing as everyone assumes.

they all look like fucking autistic nerds.
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I recall someone on Reddit saying she was 32? She's probably 33 or 34 by now though. They said she was from their hometown, pretty well known because she's always hanging around in public doing nothing, and a massive embarrassment to her family.
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She got a huge horrible cartoon skeleton bat tattooed on her chest. Instagram doesn't want to work on my phone atm, but she posted photos there

Glad to see a thread here about her, I was just browsing her profile. Everything old is gone so I'm really happy about that archive because she looks totally different now. She dresses like an emo dude instead of a scene gurl now, I'm guessing she wears what she does to cover up that Scene Queen tat which I didn't know about.

About her boyfriend, apparently they break up all the time according to these comments on their relationship status. Really wish I could see further back on either of their profiles for some juicy autismo drama.