Artcow Abyssking - An edgy as fuck otherkin who want to be called an it.

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Nov 9, 2016
Meet Abyssking. Not only is she a otherkin (a rabbitkin.), but she wants to be called an it. She also has some edgy as fuck art.

Here's one of her post:
Anonymous: Okay so someone just called me out as a shit artist on a bad art blog just when I thought I was getting better and im kind of loosing confidence in my art, like I really donwant to post anymore
hey, listen to me.

those blogs are disgusting. they’re run by people who have nothing better to do than to hurt others.

there is no such thing as bad art.

i’ll say it as many times as i have to.

art is art! art is expression and creation and POWER!

it’s amazing that you can create these images nobody’s seen before.

please, please don’t stop. your art is perfect because your art is yours.

own it.

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