Act like your avatar! - Aka the official RP


white cat: trill trill get you butt out of my face
grey cat: no dis my chair! mew
white cat: growls stahp it sis!
grey cat: no!
white cat: hisses
grey cat: oh wait you got a dirty spot. cleans sis
white cat: okay you too
falls asleep.

Clones of Alex Jones

Deus Ex Wasn't a Game it Was a Prophecy
I once fear Armageddon like the rest of you my fellow Americans. I feared not having drinkable water, losing my wife and kids, and not living to 1776 commence again. Then my fucking wife divorced me and took the kids! So I bought a water filter from and now I don't fear shit! Nuclear Holocuast, ChiCom Bio-weapon, and even my own crushing Alcoholism here I come! I will make sure that 1776 will commence again weather or not the world ends!