Active Knife-Car Attack at Ohio State University, Somali Refugee Investigated -


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The emergency alert system for Ohio State University sent out an alert Monday morning about an active shooter on campus, and officials later reported several individuals were wounded in the incident.

“Run, hide, fight” is standard protocol for active shooter situations. It means: Run, evacuate if possible; Hide, get silently out of view; or Fight, as a last resort, take action to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter if your life is in imminent danger.

CBS Columbus affiliate WBNS-TV reports officials confirmed at least seven injuries in the incident, with one in critical condition. Details of the injuries have not been provided.

State and law enforcement officials have not released much other information on the situation yet. The FBI said it has deployed tactical resources to assist local law enforcement partners.

Several locals report a large police presence and a lockdown all around campus. It is not clear if there is just one shooter.
Word is that eight people are in the hospital at the moment.

IV 445

Nobody was killed, thank God.

I go to a school fairly close to Columbus. They were having tour day with bus loads of high school kids looking around like nothing even happened a half hour away.

That's kind of how America is now. :/

But if we're taking bets on motives, I'm going with stressed out snowflake as well

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