Actors who aged well - Maybe scientology is right

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Ehh... She's just wearing an obvious wig and probably literally 10 pounds of makeup/botox. You might as well say Nancy Pelosi looks good for 79 (And for the record, she doesn't.)
She still looks considerably younger than her age, and whatever she may have had done to artificially appear younger looks far more natural than many of the attempts I've seen made by actresses who are several decades younger than her. She's obviously not a young woman (and in my opinion, doesn't try to falsely pass herself off as one), but she definitely looks remarkably well for someone who's pushing 90.

And for the record, I probably would say that Pelosi doesn't look half bad for a woman who's set to turn 80 this month. Have you seen what a typical 80-year-old American looks like?
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Ehh... She's just wearing an obvious wig and probably literally 10 pounds of makeup/botox. You might as well say Nancy Pelosi looks good for 79 (And for the record, she doesn't.)
Her mind's still pretty spry though. She currently writes a column for The Spectator. (A goodly portion of it is her raging at people who insist on calling her an actor out of political correctness mind you! )

Also, what Hellbound Hellhound said - if she's pushing 90 she looks great for it.

What surprises me is the lack of Kurt Russell in this thread.



I'll throw in a Jodie Foster, too.



I loved Contact when I saw it. Broke my heart watching it with the commentary on to find out just how little science Jodie Foster actually knows after I fell for Ellie Arroway (her character) so hard. But I guess that's called acting!
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Christopher Heyerdahl has looked 45 for his entire existence, it appears. He might actually be a vampire or some other kind of otherworldly being.

No date on this but looks like a senior picture. His twitter profile picture was at one time what looked to be a picture of him as (probably) a 10-13 year old, and he really looked like this.

Current twitter profile picture.
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Kevin Costner. He's 65 now:


I think Matt LeBlanc pulls off the silverfox look quite well. It makes him look quite distinguised:

download (1).jpg

I've always preferred Sean Connery as an old man to when he was playing Bond. He looks a bit doddery in more recent photos, but still fairly spry:


He's dead now, but Christopher Lee was still very impressive in old age. He got a bit frail towards the end, but the fact he was still doing fencing scenes when he was pushing 80 is pretty incredible:


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Pacino still looks really good when he takes care of himself, like here. (Normal pics, he's pretty lax and campy looking), but the dude either didn't start going gray (or stop using his hair dye) until his late 60s. Not to mention, his 'prime' for most people and his movies, he was in his 40s and 50s!

Imagine how youthful he'd look if he didn't smoke like a freight train.
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Most of the actors who played the Doctor during the classic series of Doctor Who (with the exception of the two Bakers - Tom and Colin) looked pretty much the same throughout their lives:

William Hartnell:

Hartnell 1.jpgHartnell 2.jpg

Patrick Troughton:

Troughton 1.jpgTroughton 2.jpg

Jon Pertwee:

Pertwee 1.jpgPertwee 2.jpg

Peter Davison:

Davison 1.jpgDavison 2.jpg

Sylvester McCoy:

McCoy 1.jpgMcCoy 2.jpg

Paul McGann is the spookiest. This is him a few years back, just shy of 60:

McGann 2.jpg

And this was him in Withnail and I:

McGann 1.jpg

Maybe they were Time Lords after all.

Quite a few of the companions came off well in the aging department too:

William Russell and Carole Ann Ford, who played Ian and Susan two of the Doctor's first companions:


Anneke Wills (Polly):


Frazer Hines (Jamie):


Lalla Ward (Romana II):


Elisabeth Sladen (RIP) looked amazing right until the end:


Compare that to Katy Manning who looks like an eccentric Jewish aunt these days:

Katy Manning 1.pngKaty Manning 2.jpg
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Geena Davis (64) at the Oscars this year:


And I'm also surprised no one mentioned Grace Jones (70) yet:


Iman (64), David Bowie's widow:


Charlotte Rampling is 74, probably played the best interpretation of Anne Boleyn due to sheer charisma, she's gonna be playing Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam in the upcoming Dune adaptation, and for a 74-year-old, even if she doesn't necesarily look younger than her age, she looks pretty good:



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Not really an actress (unless you count showing up as a member of Austin Powers's band), but Susanna Hoffs looks hotter now than she did in the 80s: