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I looked to see if Adam has been up to anything interesting in the past couple of years, and it turns out that he's been quite busy. YUGE! shout-out to @dannyfrickenp for telling me about this incredible individual, and then proceeding to help me comb through his recent antics.

Adam and Kelsey are currently plaintiffs in a pending case, where they've alleged that their family's civil rights have been violated by the children's school district. Naturally, they timed the filing of the case with a solar eclipse, so the outlook is promising. The case information can be viewed here. A news article was written about it a year ago.

Here's a rundown of the case, based on the official petition that was filed last year.

The case is being filed by Adam and Kelsey on behalf of their three daughters. Over the past few years, CPS has visited the Daniels family approximately 40 times, based on allegations from the school district. Adam and Kelsey claim that these allegations are actually an attempt to discriminate against their religious beliefs, as well as retaliation for complaints that the Daniels have lodged against the district.


Their oldest daughter, Mary, who is described as "profoundly autistic," was regularly required to undress herself during visits with the school nurse so that she could be strip searched.


This behavior was only discovered after Mary began to undress for a different school nurse. The nurse was alarmed that Mary would do this without being asked to, so she spoke with the Daniels about the behavior. At this point, they discovered that Mary had allegedly done this on a regular basis for the prior nurse. The Daniels informed the new nurse of this. She did not report these allegations to CPS, despite being a mandatory reporter of child abuse accusations.

Additionally, Mary injured her ankle while at school, and she had to be treated for a fracture. School employees told the Daniels that she tripped and hurt herself. The Daniels allege that their daughter was seriously injured due to negligence on the part of the school, and that employees lied about the true cause of the fracture.


Their other daughter, who is also autistic, was harassed by teachers and classmates. The harassment led her to engage in self-harming behaviors, physical aggression towards others, and the removal of her clothing. The Daniels allege that school employees failed to protect Crystal specifically because of her family's religious beliefs.


Overall, the Daniels allege that their children are subjected to this treatment because the school is aware that Adam and Kelsey are the leaders of an exceptionally autistic religion.


The Daniels also allege that school employees have fabricated information about their religious practices, and then passed this information on to CPS so that they would be subject to investigation. Apparently, the district told CPS that the Daniels may or may not have a dungeon in their home.


They are suing for $300,000.

In his free time, Adam has graced us with a couple of books that "have been denied by every publishing company," not because they are full of incomprehensible gibberish but because they contain the secret forbidden knowledge of his faith.
Ashemaogha Becoming Ahriman: You can unlock Adam's supremely powerful knowledge in paperback edition for $45 (archived), or in hardcover for $60 (archived). It is unclear what the book contains, but it appears to combine Satanism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, all under the expert knowledge of a sixth degree blackbelt.

First Steps Toward Ahriman: This is an introductory text to the rituals, practices, and beliefs of those who wish to worship Ahriman. The book's description has some information copy & pasted from his other book's description, but for $25, it certainly must contain some unique and illuminating knowledge (archived).

It's also worth mentioning that the Church of Satan recently unveiled a large statue of Baphomet in front of the Arkansas Capitol building. The Church previously wanted to install the statue in Oklahoma, and Adam's group was involved in the movement. Adam and Kelsey later withdrew from the project, citing a concern for the psyche of little children. It is not clear if Adam is involved with the statue's recent migration to Arkansas, but I'm sure he will have something to say about it at some point or another.

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Okay, it's been years but this guy is still at it. I am combing through his social media to parse out some drama, but his latest video really got my attention because he makes a hallucinogenic drink known as Soma:

So what he's doing is making a hallucinogenic tea from Amanita Muscaria mushrooms and Ma-Huang. Ma-Huang is also known as Ephedra, is the plant where ephedrine and pseudoephedrine come from. As far as I can tell, it's legal to just buy this plant without having to register your purchase, unlike what you have to do when buying pseudoephedrine.

Amanita Muscaria is a lot more interesting though. It contains two psychoactive alkaloids: ibotenic acid and muscimol. Ibotenic acid happens to be fairly neurotoxic. In fact, it is used as a potent brain lesioning agent for animal studies. It is also a hallucinogen with about a tenth of the potency of muscimol. The reason why the DEA hasn't made these mushrooms illegal is because of the neurotoxicity of ibotenic acid. Muscimol is the main psychoactive component of these mushrooms and is, as far as I know, safe to ingest in small amounts (6-20mg is the active dose). Ibotenic acid can actually be converted into muscimol via decarboxylation. Adam and his friend don't realize that this requires the use of UV light or solvents such as DMSO, heavy water (D2O), or even ³H2O (super-heavy water). Instead they opt to bake the mushrooms at too low of a temperature (ibotenic acid will undergo thermal decomposition/ decarboxylation into muscimol, but this happens at well above above 150C [302F]). Furthermore, by boiling the mushrooms the solubility of ibotenic acid in water is increased, increasing the amount of ibotenic acid in the tea they make.

So why did I go in depth about all that stuff? Because as a result, these devil worshipers are poisoning themselves with hallucinogenic mushrooms that the DEA isn't even concerning themselves with because of how toxic they are. Granted, poisonings from these mushrooms are rare, but there's also no way to know exactly how much of the active compounds there are in the mushrooms, so overdose and death is very possible.

And this is nothing to say about how this could impact the lawsuit they are engaged in, or if any legal action would be taken against them. I don't know if the court would take kindly to Adam - and presumable his wife - taking hallucinogens while they have a severely autistic child to take care of, and I could see the school district trying to use this against them.

tl;dr these guys are stupid

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