Trashfire Adam Kovic & Ryan Haywood (The Dead Pixel / Koko / Pikovic, and James Ryan Haywoood / Iron Ryan / The Mad King / Vagabond) - Rooster Teeth associates who've sent horrifying nudes behind their families's backs in what looks like a gay catfish

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Nov 14, 2012
Adam Kovic

There are allegations that this Google Drive containing over 400 photos and videos are of Adam Kovic, a prominent RoosterTeeth employee of Inside Gaming and Funhaus fame. They range from non-nude photos in the mirror to videos of him fellating sex toys, including one that looks like a child sex doll.

Every single thing in this is NSFW but I believe this is the entire archive. Convenient .zip archive. Kovic/
(Note: A minority of these appear to be of Ryan Haywood. You can tell them apart by Ryan's lighter facial hair and Adam's tribal tattoo on his right arm.)

The allegations,
The primary source (the leaker, who is currently anonymous) claims to be an adult who catfished Adam Kovic (allegations include pretending to be an underage girl, but this is unverified). There's a picture of her display photo in one of the leaks.
The pictures and videos that were sent to Adam Kovic were of Harley Spencer (@xHarleySpencerx on Twitter)
[pictures and video comparisons in post]

Some context on how this leak happened.
The story I got, from a mix of posts on LPSG and /hm/'s e-celeb thread was that someone had been messaging multiple e-celebs and had gotten nudes from them, it went up on a torrent, and then the torrent got deleted. They mentioned nothing about underaged girls. The more likely story is they're a catfish just pretending to be a regular 20-something groupie or some shit, given the content of the nudes sent to Adam, or it was an actual girl who was trying her luck to get cancel ammo and it somehow ended up in a gay guy on LPSG's hands.

This is the original torrent link. It costed money to get an account, so not many people were able to even get access to the download before it got deleted.. I'm purely posting it here for reference:
Archived version.

This is the original forum where the discussion happened. The link goes to page 18 because pages 1-17 are irrelevant fapping over non-leaked shit. This is the oldest instance of it you will find on the internet from what I can tell. Don't trust any statements made after that unless they come with more images from that now-dead torrent.
Archived version.
FloweryPassage, the person providing the images, said Ryan didn't seem to be "used to being sent nudes." He made no further comment whatsoever because he was banned before he could follow up, meaning the primary source is gone and he never said anything about pretending to be underage.

And this is the first /hm/ thread where the leaks were first posted outside of LPSG. Still no mention of underaged girls:
Archived version.

All-in-all, while there's plenty of evidence of Adam being a fucking weird degenerate who might've committed a crime by secretly filming himself fucking his wife and distributing the footage, there's zero evidence he was doing it because he wanted to fuck a kid. Same goes for Ryan. Letting something that has yet to pass the threshold of "late-stage hearsay from a random 4chan user" gives ammo for morons to refute the whole thing as being fake.

There will be someone who inevitably has the torrent on-hand, they just don't seem to post here. Will provide evidence below because it's relevant to the quote.

He's definitely cheating on his wife and they're definitely of him. The armband tattoo and facial hair can be seen in every photo.

A lot of the leaks contain his wife. If she's not consenting to them being distributed, he's possibly committed criminal action for nonconsensual pornography under Cal. PC § 647(j)(4).

She has not commented directly yet, but did leave this ominous message.

4030 W 59th St
Los Angeles CA 90043
Los Angeles County
Since August 2017
(661) 714-4658

Ryan Haywood
Ryan's life is basically a clown car. Since this started, as of October 18th, there are 13 statements regarding Ryan's sexual relations with his fans.
First Accuser, Second Accuser, Third Accuser, Fourth Accuser, Fifth Accuser, Sixth Accuser, Seventh Accuser, Eighth Accuser, Ninth Accuser, Tenth Accuser, Eleventh Accuser, Twelfth Accuser, Thirteenth Accuser

Achievement Hunter James Ryan Haywood was the one accused of grooming, (though the same poster said Adam sent nudes to children).

(Someone on the LPSG forum also made similar accusations yesterday)

Screenshots of snapchat logs can be found here.
Soliciting the production of child porn, sexting with a minor, making plans to meet up and have sex. 😬





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Feb 10, 2020
Guess I'm going through these while I wait for the coffee maker to heat up. So for all of you fellow degenerates who want to know the content of those videos and photos but value your eyesight:

Note that where the messages impart some context, I have included it. For the most part, they do not. Her requests are pretty specific when she makes them, she seemed to be into it or at least pretending to be.

Video 1: Video 1 is just straight away a POV of him cumming in slow motion in a sink with his rather unimpressive cock. That's kinda hilarious.

Video 2: He’s pulling his underwear down as he goes into the shower. His dick legit looks like a sad little rocketship

Video 3: jerking it again, she asks him to cum on his hand and he does

Video 4: She talks about how hot it’d be for him to eat her out and he sends a video of him tonguing a rubber puss

Video 5: He is now fucking the rubber puss and cumming on it and then rubbing the cum around on it

Video 6: He is fingering his bum while jerking off

Video 7: He is sucking off a dildo

Video 8: Upside down portrait mode, phone on the floor pointing up, as Kovic has a dildo suction cupped to the wall halfway up his ass. He is cumming and looking down at the camera.

Video 9: She mentions she loves to hear him gasp, so he does as she fucks a rubberpuss in bathroom selfie mode.

Video 10: Three clips. #1 From below again, this time it’s right side up. Kovic fingering his arse. #2 A tiny buttplug or possibly the end of a string of anal beads going in. #3 Is him sucking off a dildo again.

Video 11: She asks him to lick his palm and then touch himself. He complies and does exactly that.

Video 12: Him cumming in the rubber puss again. She comments how great that must feel

Video 13: “Maybe I could lube up your toys with my mouth first”. Yup, Kovic is at the dick sucking again. Then he….uh. Sorta just slides the dildo along his dick (making his penis look tiny in comparison btw).

Video 14, see below

The last video is interesting. It seems to be a clip of him fucking and then fingering his WIFE’s arse (and possibly eating it, uncertain), which the message recipient, in her own words "Can't wait for" because "it's really hot" (as you can read, whoever is on the other side of that conversation is pretending to be really into all of this) .
There is a photo in there (I went through those at high speed since it’s just mostly nude selfies) of his wife with the heading “She lets me take sexy photos sometimes”. She has a much healthier looking butt in this pic btw.

Jess Kovic.jpg

So wife may have known he was filming them fucking. And she may have consented to him sending it around if she's the exhibitionist type. So wife could be in on it. Or not. There's a few photos (which he sent to the "girl") of him watching the videos he made of himself fucking his wife, while jerking off to them. Kinda odd. So this could also be a weird ass triangle situation.

If the recipient is not underage, it seems pretty harmless tbh. She seems to have sent some videos as well (one of the headings in a nude selfie was "Finally watched your video, felt like I owed you"). Could be a weird long term bait, catfishing, blackmail whatever thing, or just some girl getting revenge - IF she isn't underage. If she is underage and Kovic knew, it's all fucked obviously.

All of these screenshots seem to have been taken (not the photos, the screenshots) the same day. Friday July 31st 2020, ~2 months ago at time of this writing.

I didn't look at the photos in detail so if anyone wants to separate the Ryan Haywoods from it, go ahead (edit: Post 454 has all the Haywood content. It appears Haywood is the one accused of grooming (fans, not minors), possibly by the same party, while Adam is accused of sending these to someone he thought or was supposed to consider underage). Not really seeing the child sexdoll thing tbh, just a small rubber puss.

There is one photo of Kovic deadlifting naked with pretty low weights (considering his stature) BUT he seems to have good form doing it. Good for him.

TL;DR: Kovic jerks off his stubby penis in whatever manner he is commanded to via snapchat, including using an onahole (didn't see a child sex doll), sucks off some dildos, stuffs some toys up his ass (which he seems to have bought solely to please whoever's on the other end) and sends clips of him fucking his wife (consent status unknown) to some anon recipient who screenshots all of it (also apparently sends some vids back) while pretending to be super into it. Pretty fucked if underage recipient, but that's unconfirmed. Just kinda embarrassing and possibly fell for bait/catfish if not.

Ryan is flirting and sending some nudes around, CONFIRMED also cheating irl on his wife with lots of very very young girls, probably even paying for their airfare at times.

Note: The Info on Haywood in this post is out of date because I can't keep up with this shit. Adam still seems to be accurate.

Late edit: The fact that some of these seem to get posted for the very first time on some gay forum (literally, not figuratively) makes me think this really is some dude pretending to be a girl for ages just to get Kovic nudes. Embarrassment all around (see Post 264).

Update: This post shows what he was catfished with.

Later edit: No evidence of grooming or interactions with underage has turned up in either case as of oct 06th.

Later edit still: Ryan has sexted with a fan when she was 17, though she mentions lying to him about her age. 2 years on and off sexting. Wanted to fuck, she backed out, never fucked. Fan being asspatted on twitter.

Latest edit: Now up to 4 girls, and apparently even more to come. Ryan revealed to be very manipulative in texts. Stopping updates now, you get the gist.

Adam apparently responsible for Rahul not wanting to work with FH anymore. Lawrence insinuating Adam responsible for more drama. Implies more to come. Implies he'll share soon but wants to wait and make sure his words can't affect others.
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Sep 29, 2018
What is it about youtube that creates so many of these weird sex perverts? Does the sheer amount of attention make these people the way they are? It would explain people like Weinstein and Epstein aswell, ignoring the other obvious similarity.

Something something power corrupts, and something something absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It doesn't help that in this day with the ease of communication technologies; getting nudes and arranging sex with fans (of all ages) is easier than ordering pizza.

I wonder what Adam is thinking about this leak.

It's about 5AM in Texas, wait for him to wake up.

Edit: He apparently lives in California, I'm an idiot, that being said, ~3AM.
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Sep 11, 2019
Adam lee Kovic
Confirmation of address:


Born: February 20, 1985
Age: 35

James Ryan "The Mad King" Haywood.
3604 John Simpson Trail,
Austin, Texas, 78732
DOB: 12/06/1980

Moved his info to this post cause it is on the front page, the other post is still in the thread. It however, makes it easier for folks to see the creepers info. Did not move it to spite his fans, not at all.



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