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Feb 24, 2015
So, it seems that the thread on this guy was lost due to the recent French faggotry. I didn't post in the first thread, though I did lurk it, and found this guy pretty entertaining. If the original thread can be recovered, then feel free to merge this one into it.

Adam Pope, aka popeadam25000, was a guy who posted this big text wall into the "Personal Lolcows" thread:
popeadam25000 said:
So, I am pretty much new to the community, and well what can I say this thread caught my attention. Being forty something and have had almost half a century of meeting the most unwelcomed people you could imagine in your life. (Because for the longest time, I thought having a open mind meant I had to actually accept peoples fucktardism and smile about it). Any ways I thought I would make a small list of the ten most unwelcomed types of people in your life you could have, mind you there is a few military terms cause well being a veteran of twelve years and all. So, last but not least, the list of the ten most unwelcomed sorts in the life of one that could wish that he never meet.

-1) Blue Falcons- These types in the military have a unfathomed amount of fucktardiship, they will act like your buddy all the while setting you up for failure or to be fucked, they will lie to great lengths and do every thing in their power to make you fail, and when you are feeling your lowest because you don't know who set you up ( because it couldn't be your battle buddy right?) they will start yelling at their top of the lungs that you are a Blue Falcon. All the while stuffing their pillows with their blue feathers.

-2) Intellectual snobs- These are the snot nosed fuckshits that come into bloom full normally after high school, thinking that being a intellectually snob nosed fuck shit that looks down on every thing and belittle your beliefs and thoughts because they do not coincide with what the other intellectual snobs are having orgasms about. Not to be confused with someone who just happens to have some smarts about them and choose to not give a fuck abo0ut what any one says.

-3) Hipsters- Hipsters are todays Yuppies of the 80's, they only give a shite about what they think is cool and what they want to make cool in their little communal-ever-so-eager-to-be-cool-would-die-to-be-cool-cliché. These filth bags will happily sell you out and fuck you every which way loose.

-4) Tenured Professors- These sorry excuse's have untold immunity to teach what ever the fuck they want (and never worry about getting fired. And any thing bad that may be reported about them simply vanishes from their employment file), despite what their initial class subject might be. And if they feel you are not following in line with their theory and class, they will make sure to go out of their way ensure you will fail. Example: Telling you the wrong times they may be in their office, all the while secretly telling the rest of the class where they truly can be in touch, refusing to take in assignments in class but only accept the assignments in her office for turn in, and then of course never being in their office.

-5) SCA- Yeah typically, I don't have a problem with any one that is into historical recreation type stuff, I did SCA for a while myself, till I got sick of it. About 75% of groups I encountered or was part of, had no problem doing the following to its members. -Stealing from them, -bad mouthing them to other groups so they can easily black ball them all the while acting like their best friend,- If a guy wants to bring a girl to a event, and she has never been, and she is a cutie and the rest of the group feels that she would make a better match for someone else or by herself in the group. They will go out of their way to ensure they cause a split up. And the kick the guy out citing that he is a problem. - Turning a blind eye to some 18 to 20 year old that is hitting on some 14 yo daughter, and a lot of times the parents ignore it too. -And in ending, potheads, drug heads and more or less low life sacks that seem to latch onto any one that may be decent and naïve enough.

-6) Feminists -( specially at the freshman college level)- Prime example, I was sitting in the student hall one day minding my business, drinking some coffee munching on a croissant, when my ears could not help but pick up this conservation from this group of three girls. I looked over and sure enough they where the typical naïve bright eyed full of innocence that the leftists like to indoctrinate, and judging from the conservation they where already in the throws. -Girl 1: "Well I cant believe he said that he gave me a F, on my paper in front of the class. He made me look like a fucking bimbo". Girl 2: "I know right, who does he think he is, all he is, is a Professor, he cant judge you intelligence level". Girl 3: " I mean he should have had more compassion then what he did, I mean a two week extension on your paper just was not long enough, he should have allowed your extension till the end of the semester" (Ears twitch cause I am smirking to myself) Girl 2: "GAWD! All men need to fucking die, or be sent to concentration camps and never allowed to breed, I mean what the fuck, who says that woman cant one day do everything the man does when fucking"! (I nearly chocked on m coffee) Girl 1: "I know right, that will be so fucking cool when we do, but what the fuck are we going to do about my professor, my parents will kill me or getting a F. They will know I have been partying all the time". Girl 3: "I know...I know we can rally all the feminist here on campus and have a sit in and demand his resignation and force the old fuck to retire with out pay or what ever the fuck they do when they retire and turn to dust. I mean after all he is a man and no one now a days gives a shit about a man. I say wake sure he can never teach, and maybe even make him to commit suicide, one less man" At this point I am staring at this cobble of cunts. They look at me with a murderous glee and pick up their stuff and leave. So yeah Feminists pretty much are scum on whale shite and are about the worse fucktards you will ever find.

-7 The Man-Feminists- A whole new level of fucktardiship. I mean where do you start with these sorry fucks. mean most of them spout the same mind control type crap when ever you ask them "How can you be a Feminists if you where born a male"? And for the most part they will all answer the same answer, different way. "Well you see, I don't feel I am a male enough if I don't support feminism , its not about what I feel, its about how the woman needs to feel." Or they will feed you this bullshit f they are some twat trying to get in someone's panties. "Well you see, I always knew I was born in the wrong sex (Mind you they don't consider them selves trans, because they are after all really straight). I have always known I was really born a lesbian born inside of a man's body that doesn't deserve to have been born" What the......then here is a 50lb weight and I could drive you to the tallest building and you can jump.

- 8 Potheads, drugheads - These fucks will steal what ever you have and smile about it and tell you its raining when its pouring piss.

-9 Marxists, Communists, Leftists, Socialists.......and any worthless fuck who wears a worthless pin or sticker that say "Feel the Bern"

-10 Black lives fucknuts
From there, he pretty much got halal'd into oblivion. Fellow Kiwis found a shit-ton of dirt on him, as seen here:
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I'd like to thank @Blake Bumbleby for providing the archive links in the original thread, and @Ass Manager 3000 for starting the original thread. It still exists in Google Cache for now, as seen here.

Jan 25, 2016
That short story of his about feminists was missing the "and then I said this cool snappy line before walking away" ending. Shame. But I did love the stiff, most certainly unbelievable dialogue between the girls.


Eric Borsheim
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Feb 25, 2015
In his defense the list is a pretty good list of hateable people but it has a conspicuous absence of altright fucktards

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