Careercow Adam White / Chibi / Chibinekodemyx / Aquana / ShinyAquana - Cringeworthy Speedrunner Extraordinaire, now bared naked

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It seems like Chibi is going to be playing Mario a vc with several other people. Seems that he learns nothing.

there also is a girl that shall be playing. Let’s see how long it takes him to make a simp comment and harass her.
of course they have a pokemon bot.
Seriously, what the fuck is he talking about?
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turbo autists assume everyone knows what they're taking about when no one does.

Given how he obsesses over this Vaporeon Pokemon, has Aquana for his username, and dyes his hair in such a disgusting tint of blue, him going with that shitty-looking stream overlay might be another indication that he likely has a sexual kink fetish for that color.
And Chibi wearing this video game shirt crap when trying to socialize really screams ‘out of touch’ like a sledgehammer hitting a wall.
Come on now, Chibi wouldn't be a degen with a fetish for blue; he is the pillar of a most wholesome discord community. Our boi is just lighting it up blue for autism awareness.

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Come on now, Chibi wouldn't be a degen with a fetish for blue; he is the pillar of a most wholesome discord community. Our boi is just lighting it up blue for autism awareness.

I was so focused on his greasy anime hair that it took me a good 5 seconds to notice the degeneracy taking place at the bottom.
They have to treat him like a child

I've never watched anything on twitch, but there's a few video game people I watch on YouTube sometimes recorded off twitch. I watch them because they have interesting opinions, show new or obscure games, demonstrate amazing skill, offer hilarious commentary, or a combination of the above. They do things with video games that I don't do myself. So why do people watch/follow Chibi? What does he offer? It's astonishing that he has people who are this interested in him.

Just peeked in on the three people he was in Mario party with. Forgive me, for I am new on this forum, but they could have potential lolcow material.
Superslippy64 does Randomiser’s, and uses a frog as his fursona or something.
LunacyRiff is insignificant. He plays guitar hero fan games and probably lives in his mom’s basement.
Sabrinastrats I don’t think is a tranny, but is definitely cringe. She does speedrun shit but seems like she’s trying way too hard all the time:

it seems like chibi surrounds himself with extremely awkward people. But I’m just surprised he’s able to get people who don’t grovel to him at all.
Just because someone is awkward and exists does not make them "lolcow material"

For a dude who gets like 9 viewers on average, he just has such a weird community and a weird view of himself. Like what fucking expectations could he possibly have for himself? All he does it load up a randomizer and stream to single digit viewers, meanwhile his entire discord goes out of their way to talk and act like he's some A-list celebrity.


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nothing wrong with coding becuase of video games, i learned because i really love sonic but he should spend more time playing with compiler to learn every syntax
Of course theres nothing wrong with learning to code because you like video games. The problem is taking programming courses, then bitching on twitter that your teacher is rasicts towards retards like him, then have his discord do every bit of homework for him so he can actually pass these classes without actually learning a fucking thing, and just continue to stream for 10 hrs into the early morning.

The bigger problem here is the fact that you have a softcore hentai sonic avatar with a massive bulge thats staring me right in the fucking face. At least put a censored bar on that shit

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Even if it did there is no way Chibi ever did or ever will make enough for itemizing his taxes to make sense.
There’s absolutely no way he makes enough to have anything other then the standardized deduction make sense. To itemize you need to be able to itemize over the standardized deduction amount (unless you have an actual business). He does not pay property tax or have other huge deductions. I highly doubt he has any kind of retirement fund like a 401k. To my knowledge he has a dayjob still so he does not file as an independent contractor or anything like that. I have a feeling he had a loose understanding of what itemizing and business/work deductions are and has never actually done it.

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