Careercow Adam White / Chibi / Chibinekodemyx / Aquana / ShinyAquana - Cringeworthy Speedrunner Extraordinaire, now bared naked


Friendly Mexican Ghost
This smells like bullshit. Though the couch incident is decently well known for people who like cringe content, I have trouble believing that a woman he's talking to on Tinder just magically came across the Pewdiepie video during the short course of their conversation. I'm guessing that Chibi's last message included the video with a message along the lines of, "Haha, aren't I so cringey?! 'I'd prefer if you'd be quiet'!!! Haha, I own it up! Yes I dooo! Wocka, Wocka!"

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Maybe he said "By the way, I'm a famous speedrunner named Chibi, search for it on YouTube"? And then sent her, him or a tranny a picture of his cock
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Bougie von Savage
There's no way he would ever not tell people about his speedrunning. It's the closest thing he has to an accomplishment.

Pretty much...


Friendly Mexican Ghost
Maybe "I have AIDS and I'm allergic to condoms"? Not sure.
Nah, not for him, he tweeted about taking some to the Troons Play Games. Just in case.

Nothing turns the ladies on more than a guy who plays the same video game over and over. That's pretty much the same as being an athlete, right?
It's simple. If he is so consistent with some game, imagine what he can do with a pussy.

Tanner Glass

Am I crazy or did he essentially ask her to post nudes? Stay classy, Chibi.

A bit crazy, he's clearly fishing by singling out sex workers/lewd sellers, but it's supposed to be a "post your success stories" type of thing.

Like you would post "my store is doing well to a point where I'm able to put money into savings" or "I collaborated with XXXX and gained 10,000 new followers" or whatever and the one bitch you took the bait just posted "hey that's cool" instead of a success story.

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