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The content to commentary ratio has become very poor in recent months. There's too much focus on delivering a hot take rather than contributing salt to threads. It's for this reason I'm instituting some rules that I feel will help get us out of this rut, as well as a quick and easy guide on how to help people find content if they've never done it before.

I don't plan on unlocking threads that were autolocked - I instead expect people to make new ones - part 2's and 3's, linking to their previous counterparts, and most importantly, with new salt in the OP that warrants a new thread on the subject. Consistently, I've seen unlocked threads that have tons of new content available to them just stagnate and die out shortly after they were unlocked. I believe it to be because posters don't realize there were new developments and don't check up on the thread. Posting new threads will change that.

The Trump Megathread is now Trump Derangement Syndrome. As I explained in the thread, its purpose is going to be more similar to Kiwi Farms Reviews - insane ramblings of internet nobodies. No longer will everything Trump-related be relegated to one thread - in fact I will surgically extract it if I have to. If there's something newsworthy that's generating salt relating to the US president, make a new thread for it. (And linking it in the Trump Derangement Syndrome thread is encouraged.)

Now, in the past I've argued for light moderation of this board and letting people slapfight a little. But that was months ago, and the situation has changed. If you start arguing with another user about something that isn't even related to the thread, just clashing egos or whatever, you'll be threadbanned right away, no warnings. If I deem an argument about the subject matter especially autistic, you'll at least get a warning, but watch yourself. I'm going to be keeping track of street-shitters.

Oh, and please... if you have a hot take, at least try and make it funny. I mean I shouldn't even have to say this but apparently I do. We're all here to be entertained, so be entertaining.
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