Adding number of unread posts to watched threads page? -


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The watched threads page is mostly how I navigate the site these days, I have my favorite cows that I like to follow, I think a lot of users are similar in their use pattern.

One thing the current "Watched Threads" page doesn't give you a good sense of is which threads are "hot" in terms of activity. All that can be known is which thread was most recently updated, but if (for instance) one watched thread has 100 new posts in the last 24 hours, but another thread has a single new post in the last week that happened to be made 5 minutes more recently than the "hotter" thread, it'll show at the top.

Would it be crazy difficult to use whatever data is used for hopping to the oldest unread post in a thread to automatically tell users how many posts were added recently? Alternately, would it be possible to have some sort of "hotness" measure for a thread that highlighted or otherwise changed its appearance based on a sudden uptick in activity?