What bullshit logic she has about posting the shrimp video: ‘I want people to see how I matured and what Im thinking at that time’

Amber you are an almost 30 year old women and you posted and filmed within a few days time span. Its not like you are Nash Grier saying faggot at 13 and matured at 21.

According to her if I film myself saying Jews should be raped and killed, I should post it because in a week it’s not going to matter.

With all this terrible content, her views and subs are gonna drop even lower. She’s ringing the death knell on her channel. Quick, show us a weigh-in, gorl!
Wasn't much of a "vlog" it was more AL sitting down and telling us how hard moving is for her. At the end she gives a "shoutout" to any other obese viewers that have swelling in their feet when they are up and about the house, as AL explains: when she gets out of bed the swelling is so bad in her legs and it "makes her gain weight".

yes, moving more makes her gain weight. seems like gorl has some serious circulation issues in her lower extremities. might worry her a bit.

Keyboard Warrior
Humblelynn and her week of fake contrition is somehow more insufferable than Cuntylynn. At least when the real Amber's mask slips, you know you're getting something honest. This bullshit act of pretending that she suddenly cares about her health now, and understands why her condescension towards her audience is a turn-off is so gross. Oh, btw. She doesn't hate the Haddurs. She just wishes they had a little more love in their hearts....not for Amberlynn...but for themselves. Compassionlynn. HumanitarianLynn. FakeAsFucklynn.

Did she really just say that she decided to post the Shrimp Mukbang to serve as a reminder to her future self of how much she's matured? Riiiigghhttt. ? You know what we would all be getting this week, if her analytics didn't change?



2) a Mukbang of her eating 5 chilli dogs with the clickbait title, "Here's Me Choking on Some Wieners. ???" Amber's way of putting her fat thumb to her forehead and singing, "Neener, neener, neener..."

This will last as long as it takes to reach some comfortable equilibrium again, in terms of her views and subs. The moment she feels safe enough to do so, it will be right back to business as usual.


Christ on a motherfucking cracker. She's talking about how she posted the shrimp mukbang even though she had a shitty attitude in it, because compared to that video that was only filmed like a week ago-- she has grown so much. She wants you to be able to witness her growth.

Gorl. We done seen your growth. We've seen you grow to the size of a prius! Second of all, having a certain attitude or point of view one week and having a different one the next week isn't personal growth. It's a mood swing.

If this bitch doesn't stop with fake sincerity. I'm so real and raw you guise. Gorl, we been here before. You're losing subs, but I'm sure it's not making a dent in that pea brain. At this point I'm not sure it matters. You have proven you will never learn. Your "arm ups" or whatever we're calling them are great and all, but this is a long road and you are NOT equipped to handle this on your own. Your entire life is testimony to this. You're going to keep collecting that coin because you are a modern day freak show and people are too fucking stupid to use adblock.

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