a sincere apology that really addresses why people are upset. It'd look someone like this, "Hey guys, whip sound. I've been an asshole, I really have. I've abused your trust and the hate coming my way has nothing to do with my weight. I've been a terrible person and have lied to you guys and been a downright bitch. Here are the actions I'm taking to make sure I enact change in my life."
That's not something that would ever come out of Amber unless she felt forced to say it, which makes it impossible to be a sincere apology.

She doesn't need to put out some self flagellating apology. Words won't make her lose weight. She needs to change her behavior.

Pog Mathoin
What bullshit logic she has about posting the shrimp video: ‘I want people to see how I matured and what Im thinking at that time’

Amber you are an almost 30 year old women and you posted and filmed within a few days time span. Its not like you are Nash Grier saying faggot at 13 and matured at 21.

According to her if I film myself saying Jews should be raped and killed, I should post it because in a week it’s not going to matter.
I'm convinced that Amberlynn somehow lives in a different space-time continuum to the rest of us. One where 'extensive research' on a subject means a 30 minute internet search, a new eating plan lasts less than 48 hours, and a 'lifestyle change' occurs in less than a day. Her concept of time is quite fascinating in how it relates to her utter self-absorption and absence of any self awareness. It's all just talk - if she says something it must be true, which is a behavior she uses to deflect anyone from questioning or critiquing her motives and actions.

On another note, I detect a smidgeon of Cuntylynn in this latest vlog. She just can't help herself.

Keyboard Warrior
I can already imagine the response of every reaction channel.

Zachary Michael: "Ma'm........Why. The. Fuck. You. Lyin.' Why you always lyin'....." ?
KickingGeese: Digs deep to find something redemptive "Those dinosaurs on her shirt are kinda cute, I guess.."
Michael B Petty: sighs in disgust BADDABING!!! <---the sound of another Superchat rolling in and eardrums bursting. ?
Shivvy Pop: Points out every LAH in her LAH factory! ?
Shaquana Jefferson: "Why won't you just keep it a buck, you fat pig!?" ??
Authentic Hogwash: Goes hardcore mom mode. The kind of mom Amber needs, but never had. "Let me tell ya something!"

Hidden Squirrel
If she really went to a doctor, what are the chances they gave her a blood pressure + diuretic combo? Wouldn't that help her leygg problem? She needs to be on a diuretic. Leaving the swelling untreated can't be healthy and will only get worse.
I had the same thoughts. Of course she reaches out to her audience instead of her doctor for help. I can only hope some of her audience members do reach out to her and tell her to see her doctor about the swelling. If they're massively obese like her, maybe just maybe she'll listen? :optimistic::optimistic:

Whale Lake 2

Your Favourite Tchaikowski Ballet
And ate an extra 3000 to “compensate”
And this is also why she'll never manage to lose weight: not only she does as little as possible and follows only the advices of her oxygen deprived brain, but she also rewards herself constantly.

Didn't eat 5000cal today? BaYbEeeeEe, I want orange chickin!

Managed to do 16 arms up? Let's spend 400+ dollars on Torrid!

Walked for three minutes? Chinese buffét, here I come!

By the way, how long has it been, since she has last said they ate Chinese food?


I can neverthefuck understand what you're saying
"shaving spray"? This bitch.

Since this is just another boring clickbait video I'm gonna add my .02 about something that has bothered me for awhile and might be a little petty.

Those make-up wipes that she pointed to (that are probably hella dried out anyway since she can't take care of anything) are not meant to replace washing your face - which is exactly what I know Amber does! Of course, I'm talking about when she actually does use them instead of just letting her make-up seep into the gutters under her eyes.

This is also backed up by the fact that we only ever see lotion, body spray and hand soap. Where's the face wash, Amber?? Or do you keep that in the shower? lol, kidding.

Once last thing I'd like to point out is that I noticed in this video she finally put some fucking foundation over those god awful craters on her face. Sixty doll hairs on eyeshadow palettes that she'll probably end up giving to Sarah Rafe, but she can't think(?) to drop 10-20$ on some concealer. I know that's the least of her problems but like I said, this might be petty.
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6 bacons
like I'm really gonna watch a video where she "addresses" anything, haydurs or otherwise. Fool me once, shame on her. Fool me once every 3-4 weeks over the span of a few years?............................I mean I got adblock anyways but still.

bless the individuals who are recapping this shit. I just extra don't have patience for it lately IDK why

She burned like 5 kcal.
When you're pushing or over 600 pounds, you're not going to exercise fat off. The most efficient way to burn stored fat is converting stored fat in the liver into glycogen. Yes, the dreaded ketosis she's irrationally afraid of. And, if she followed the orders of someone like the doctor on My 600 lb Life, and did a 1200 calorie a day low carb diet, it would melt off, like magic. Her "exercise" is pointless, she burns more calories lumbering once a day to the bathroom to pee.

Exercise for her is mobility, because she's one injury away from being completely bed-bound. But she's not doing even close to anything that would have any impact on her. She's doing pointless punching because she's eyefucking herself while doing it - which is why the prop weights are pink. They're ceeeuuuuuute, boo boo.

That's how you know she's a liar. If she were truly eating what she claims she does, she'd be shrinking, because the weight loss zone calorie-wise for her is two or three times what a normal person eats in a single day. (and, throw in her casual as fuck admission snacks for her are 3000 calories. I eat that in two days.) Think about that. And she's gaining/maintaining? She's pounding down a LOT of food, even while "dieting".

Amber is a fraud. And always will be. If she were being honest, especially with herself, she'd get the fuck off the internet, and actually lose weight and regain her health.

She has already admitted that her legs "weep" sometimes. I forget if she was with Krystle or Density at the time, but whoever was her gf would tend to her leaky layygs. And that would've been like 200lbs ago...
Venous leg ulcers, yay. Another health complication. That's why you won't see her bare legs.

Turd Blossom

Like thunder & lightning, goddamn it's so exciting
Why is big AL asking fat people if they have swelling in their feet? Gorl, you can google that shit.
The same reason she fell for a MLM scheme and unblocked Zachary to ask him how to use video editing software. She's a sthhuper-busy gal-on-the-go living her best life, Boo Boo and doesn't doesn't have time to read a bunch of complicated stuff on the internet!

Also, the fact that she made sure to mention her layyg swelling is "making her gain weight" leads me to believe that she's setting up excuses for why she's over 570 elbees when she's finally backed into a corner and has to do that weigh-in.

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