I'm convinced that Amberlynn somehow lives in a different space-time continuum to the rest of us. One where 'extensive research' on a subject means a 30 minute internet search, a new eating plan lasts less than 48 hours, and a 'lifestyle change' occurs in less than a day. Her concept of time is quite fascinating in how it relates to her utter self-absorption and absence of any self awareness. It's all just talk - if she says something it must be true, which is a behavior she uses to deflect anyone from questioning or critiquing her motives and actions.

On another note, I detect a smidgeon of Cuntylynn in this latest vlog. She just can't help herself.
She ticks off quite a few items off the list for narcissistic personality disorder. If you filter her through that all makes horrific sense.

I've mentioned this before but I wouldn't be surprised if she gains with her "exercise". She has a hard time reeling her appetite in as in, now add on the hunger from exerting that bit of energy and being proud enough to reward herself for her efforts.
She doesn't have a hard time reeling it in. She doesn't even fucking try.

I'm surprised Becky has stuck around for so long
Not having to work is a helluva drug.


Don't give a fuck what you've been through
She has already admitted that her legs "weep" sometimes. I forget if she was with Krystle or Density at the time, but whoever was her gf would tend to her leaky layygs. And that would've been like 200lbs ago...
The reason I love the Destiny era is because Destiny just noped the fuck out of there. I can't imagine someone wanting to tend to weepy legs. I'm surprised Becky has stuck around for so long

Exercise is probably not a good idea for something like her. She does not have her eating under control, so this will only make her hungry and then be used to justify unhealthy eating. Exercise would be important if she wanted to start living again as strenuous activities like cooking currently result in dyspnea, but exercise and eating tons is bad idea, Charlie.

"Mook-bong" does not mean gorging, sister. It would be much easier for her to lie if she did not have to put out content for the feeders who send her money.
I'm surprised Becky has stuck around for so long
Oh, yeah. Me, too. A female as lazy and stupid as CWC has so many other options. I cannot believe that Becky gave up med school and climbing mountains to be with Amberlynn. Becky had so much going for her back then.
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Narcs are pretty good at pretending to be human beings, they fool people - for a time. The new batches of ambabies haven't seen enough of the pattern yet huh. It's going to be great to see their reaction when Cuntylynn and mook bongs return in full force.

If Amber genuinely can't walk for 2 minutes, that's... dire. She's gone downhill so much in the past months. I love how she asks the audience what to do with her atrocious layygs. I don't know gorl, have you considered losing weight and not being 570 lbs?

wommart rat
“I really need to focus on eating healthier, a more sustainable lifestyle - a more nutritional lifestyle.” I singled out this quote out because how does she manage to make such teensy tiny baby steps on those giant legs? Instead of breaking down and realizing “oh my god, I need to lose weight ASAP,” she always says the same things I hear from fit yoga moms after guiltily chowing down on something nonorganic. She acts like she’s just a regular gal who needs to shed a few lbs.

EH 110

The reason I love the Destiny era is because Destiny just noped the fuck out of there. I can't imagine someone wanting to tend to weepy legs. I'm surprised Becky has stuck around for so long
Dustin wasn't looking for a free ride. She worked the entire time they were together. In fact, she seems to actually enjoy working and keeping busy. Amber tried to get Dustin to quit her job, but that wasn't happening.

Good point, the people on MSPL similar to her size (~600lb) can lose up to 100 lb in a month on Dr.Now's diet.
IIRC the most a person lost in a month was almost 130 lb and that person also had lots of fluid in their legs... so Amber could do that if she stuck with dr Now's diet, wich is always "1200 kcal, three 400 kcals meals a day, no snacking, high protein, no carbs" but she's of course NOT gonna do it because, you know, there are "soooo many different diets out there and it is confusing" :story:
Well, how about doing the only diet world's best obesity doctor prescribes to all his six hundred pounds patients and the only one that actually works for them?
But no, Amber keeps saying she is "never gonna be perfect" meaning she actually does not want (nor believes she could ever be able) to give up on... well, anything really.

tldr; she's gonna fucking die. ?

Damaged Goods

Harvard's vegan propaganda
She can only walk or stand for a little over a minute at a time but she's not bedbound. When she doesn't sit in bed all day and keep her feet elevated, her legs swell up. But that's not concerning at all. The only reason she's even worried about it is because the accumulation of fluid supposedly makes her gain weight. Then, right as I was preparing to pick up my jaw from the floor, she says instead of talking to her doctor about it she wants "home remedies" from her subs.

how can she tell they're swollen?
Swelling as severe as she's implying feels like someone poured concrete into your legs. Not only does everything below the knee feel heavy and rigid, it can actually make movement uncomfortable or difficult (rolling your ankle, bending the leg at the knee, etc.). Areas that are usually squishy feel very hard to the touch. Sometimes there are changes in the appearance of the skin as well. AL should be way more concerned about this than she is.

I just thought of something. I think her leggings are fused onto her legs and if her legs "weep" that must mean they get wet. Does she ever wash them? I mean, I can totally picture her sleeping in them because she's too embarrassed to let Becky see them. We've seen how anal she is about not letting anyone see her ankle rolls. idk what kind of fluid leaks from your legs, but it mustn't smell good.

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