Adeptus Evangelion

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Citizen Lain
Aug 23, 2019
Since Null forced anime avatars on everyone, I thought it would be appropriate to use this thread to talk about my favorite weeb project.

Adeptus Evangelion, also known as Ad Eva, is an amateur tabletop role playing game inspired by the anime series 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'. Originating as a conversion from Fantasy Flight Games' Warhammer 4000 Roleplay series, the game has gone through several revisions, gradually developing into its own distinct system with a focus on storytelling and stylized action.

I've never actually played the game myself and I'm not even that fond of the whole mecha anime genre, but I can't help but admire all the thought and effort that was put into this project. I think it is a good development of the 40K Roleplay system, and they came up with a lot of interesting ideas to convincingly represent the world of Evangelion.

Discuss below.


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Aug 31, 2019
At the end of every session is it mandatory to play "Fly Me To The Moon"?


Dec 16, 2019
Usually I judge an RPG with it's enemy and weapon lineup; if I have a good amount of weapons to select from and a wide assortment of baddies to blow away, I'm a happy camper. Characterization can come around when it needs to.

With this, I'm satisfied on both ends. There are plenty of Prog weapons, guns and A.T Field powers to use, and the addition of both anime and side content Angels is great. Shit, the Angel generator alone means you can make your own little fanfic version of the animes events in whatever way you want.

Would totes recommend from just those two aspects alone. Also, you can beat the shit out of the Mass Produced Evas AND win, unlike a certain berserker red head.

Punished Benis

Corey Barnhill in a daycare
Jun 24, 2020
I roll to lick the orange anime tang inside the mecha so that I may use my new psyker powers to destroy the moon in the name of the Emperor of Mankind.
If I remember correctly, AdEva was inspired by a fanfic centered around Shinji having found a W40K box set and fighting the angels in the name of Humanity and the Emprah, so probably not impossible.