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The Dude

Bro, don't even bro, bro.
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What if Phil never left the Spudcave, but lied and said he did to fool the "Kiwi cyberstalking fascists" -- so we won't "launch a raid on it" or some spuddy fantasy he has like that?
That would be giving Phil way too much credit. He's not intelligent enough to come up with basic bitch, "oldest trick in the book" scheme like that. My guess is that he was terrified of living alone with Slingblade leaving, so he guilt tripped one of the other Ain't-ifa poseurs into taking him in as a roommate. I give it another month, two tops, before Phil finds himself kicked to the curb and facing real homelessness for the first time in his life.


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I was hoping for the same until I realised it stands for Isabel Rosa Araujo. He's posing as his totally real non-binary significant other now by the likes of it.
Hahaha, damn that's stupid. I was hoping he was using ira because its Spanish for wrath and Phil is a total edgelord, but you're right, it's also the initials for Isabel Rosa Araujo too so that's probably more likely. I knew it wouldn't be long before he turned up back on social media; Phil is too much of an attention whore not to.

I AM a bit surprised he's still running with the "headmates" thing. I thought that sort of crappy roleplaying had died out back in the days of fucking Livejournal. It must be pretty embarrassing for Phil's Antifa "friends" to see him pulling this sort of crap... eh, who am I kidding, none of them actually follow his social media anyway, he's still just the autistic little kid who plays at being Naruto while the adults are talking about politics. LOL.

Think he'll start one of these as "Jingles the Clown" next? I could use a good laugh.

He must have taken the Villalobos from Desyrée Elyda. I can see the resemblance Phil.
One thing about Phil is that he has certain names and phrases that he gets stuck one. Once he gets something in his head, it's very hard for him to drop them. Many of them are stolen from actual transwomen, maybe because Phil hopes he can steal some measure of notability from them. The most autistic example of this was his obsession with the "dykes on bikes," though he seems to have forgotten about this along with his obsession with bicycles, at least for the time being.

That would be giving Phil way too much credit. He's not intelligent enough to come up with basic bitch, "oldest trick in the book" scheme like that.
I don't know. Phil is dumb as a sack of bricks, but he can be surprisingly cagey when it comes to certain things. It is possible he has some sort of tard wrangler holding his hand through the whole thing; certainly whatever moron was taking him to the firing range would be a possible candidate.

My biggest suspicion is the fact that Phil never freaked out about "the landlord class" or anything like that. Anyone who's followed Phil for any length of time knows what a crybaby he is, and how he chimps out on social media whenever someone confronts him in the real world. We never saw that with this saga, and Phil lacks the sort of impulse control to not do something stupid. On the other hand, he is absolute filthy and has a terrible attitude, so I'm sure he did plenty to get himself kicked out. I guess I just picture more fireworks.

Now that his new social media feed has been discovered, or at least one of them, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I'm hoping we at least get some more stupid drawings on Deviantart to laugh at before he dies an anonymous death on the streets.


stung by a scorpion
Phil looks like the kind of guy who'd think Naruto-style running is faster than normal running -- and tries to do it in public.
Heh, Phil is exactly the kind of twat that gives anime fans a bad name. When little kids are playing and pretend to do a kamehameha, it's cute or funny, when grown ass men like Chris or Phil do it... it's just cringy. You just know Phil was the kind of loser who kept doing that sort of shit long after it was remotely age appropriate. He probably was running through the hallways in high school with a Naruto headband and his arms flailing behind him like some sort of sped. I mean granted it WAS a special ed school but I'm sure Phil still managed to find ways to stand out. At least he waited until he was in community college before deciding he was Sakura because I'm pretty sure he would have gotten bullied for showing up in a pink wig and drag.


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I mean granted it WAS a special ed school but I'm sure Phil still managed to find ways to stand out.
I think Phil himself admitted he was a rather destructive troublemaker back when he was a kid.

I didn't know he went to a special ed school. Care to elaborate?


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Interesting. We’ve not heard from Xochi in a while. The only time I can think of since he got into the Antifa bollocks is an occasion when he had to justify spending his tugboat on toys while e-begging, so the toys were a present from Xochi.

Advancing a hypothesis, maybe this is his way of attention whoring while remaining a sooper-sekrit Antifa soldier. He’s staying in deep cover, it’s Xochi who keeps posting pictures of him posing with weapons.

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