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I'm doing a thousand things at once right now, but for all the people we have active in this board, can some people please take responsibility for this article?

Woefully incomplete. Needs a complete archive of picture content, the cites don't actually lead to archives of the dA entries, etc.

This should be a de facto all-encompassing source for ADF.


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My big complaint with it right now is that there's 1000 citations for deviant art journals but no archives or even hard links. If you need help with the syntax let me know.
Ill be fine im working of a copy of the text ive got saved.
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Yes hello. I was the one who originally started revamping the ADF article, which at the time hadn't been updated for years, and created the organizational structure it has. Then I got busy with life.

I don't remember who the discussion was with, but basically, it was decided that "Phil and..." topics should be split up Chris-chan style, because ADF is such a huge topic. Most of the content wasn't written by me, but corrected/clarified and reorganized to be a timeline. (The original article was a shitshow.)

For all of the stupid broken DA links, I was manually going back and finding archives or caps of each referred post, because I'm a nerd and love citations. That's why the first 10 or so have actual links and the rest don't.

@Ravenor, if you upload what you have to a sandbox page, I can take over it if you're sick of it. I can start plugging the info in, and fixing links.


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Last I heard, he was in some kind of a coma.
Irl stuff thats been accumulating for a few years from what ive pieced together. Its a tradagey that we lost someone who was (imo) one of the more qualified persons to gather a timeline together.

But the war goes on i suppose.
He just has a bunch of real world stuff to deal with. He's got a complex backstory and business to run, he's just one of those people who took a break from the Internet to concentrate on IRL shit

@KingQueen your best bets are @Smutley and @introman if he's around. Their Phil knowledge and timeline of events is second to none. @Twrx is a good boy for recent events


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@Ravenor is KIA
So jobs yours I suppose
Yes, I saw that the next day. Very unfortunate.

I'll hook up with those folks since I missed out on the last year or so. But I'm guessing nobody else has the :autism: level to want to do the citations like I was, so I'll have to get cracking.