Adrienne Blair and Tachy / @adezero / zerotacht - ex of Ethan Ralph & pair of tits

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Jul 21, 2020
average adezero relationship pictured above...^

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@adezero / Adrienne Blair zerotacht and tachy​

  • highlights: former 'manager' of the killstream.
  • was involved with ED or an ED admin.
  • is once again involved with ED one way or another.
  • is fat, pretends to be a lesbian with tachy so they can both cope.
  • tried to cozy up to nool
  • went on mad at the internet "corn harvest"
  • spilled s(he)r spaghetti over turk f
  • b& s(he)r orbiters
  • "locked down social media
  • this person was involved with Internet personalities prior to allegedly sucking Ethan Ralph's micropenis.
  • the way these two intervened with the Vickers and Genius Anus was retarded to the nth degree.
  • got involved with @Fslur /tea_cips realised s(he)s an idiot
  • doxed tea_clips only to be doxed
  • made a thread on piggyclips
  • is on menopause and doesn't care

adezero is the self described Courtney Love of e-drama her friend tachy is known for having 'big tits'.

these two were involved in the 'leaks', they present themselves as EDiots or ED adjacent.
even shilling encyclopedia dramatica merchandise during their streams.

they've done multiple streams going over these 'leaks' and have covered well known ralph lore as if it was new...

they can be found in their glow in the dark server with rabbi weevlo.
server advertised on the Twitter.



@adezero Twitter (archive).

Adezero Twitter: (twitter/archive).

Co-host Tachy: (twitter/archive).
Co-host (old suspended twitter).

Cohorts of genius anus, who wrote this lovely blog post.
(archive of the article).
(twitter archive of genius anus).

(Facebook archive since they're boomers).

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images (2).jpeg

adezero said she didn't get the thumb treatment from ralph.
(Tweet / Archive).

in regards to ralph allegedly leaking the sex video with him and Faith.
(Link & Archive).
(Archive to first tweet).

(Tweet /Archive).

ED Government = CEO Aediot • Queen of The Internet Adezero • Lord of Flies Expatriot

Aediot is Stellmach. Adezero is Stellmach's girlfriend, AKA Adrienne Hein, Adrienne Blair and Adrienne Misty. Coincidentally, Adezero used to be the girlfriend of Brian Zaiger, who ran a previous version of ED.
he wrote an article on her.
the video which arguably led to adezero achieving full lolcow status, credit to @pony gorilla
an archive of some of their videos here.
now everyone who has had sex with the gunt or gave birth to the gunt has a thread.

Aediot doxes Ade and explains her war with Tea Clips

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

if you don't want to read about the spat between @adezero & @Fslur here's an artist interpretation of events...
courtesy of @aediot will update when @adezero replies...
Roughly one or two months ago Adezero approached me with a very unique request.

She claimed that a "friend" wanted me specifically to dox the owner of Teaclips (Booberlee/Amber) because she knew that we had talked before and that we had gotten relatively close-ish.

Her "friend" offered a sum of $200 for the ordeal if I could provide her with information that she couldn't find herself.

I don't dox people unless I hate them. Regardless of your opinions on @Fslur, I'm kind to everyone until they give me a reason not to be.

At the time, I informed Teaclips that it was happening and asked her for a fake address to hand over to me.

I also grabbed the Social Security Number of some dead nigger from the same state.

I handed all of this over to Adrienne.

Lo an behold, I discover that the moment I do someone who totally isn't her published a thread here on kiwifarms including all of the exact same dox information that I had handed over.
For whatever reason Adrienne truly hates Amber with a heated passion. I don't know if it's because of some retarded sense of jealousy due to being younger and not having a forehead the size of a planet, or if it's because she's truly a paranoid woman and snakes on anyone she can behind the scenes.

For anyone unaware, Ade is an ex of mine. We dated (and lived together) long before I became the current admin of Encyclopedia Dramatica and we broke up a few months after I acquired the site.

We were on decent terms and doing business contracts here and there until about roughly a month ago when she decided to start dating the last admin of the wiki who is currently still in jail.

Initially I respected her decision, and thought to simply never mention her name again while more or less just letting her romp around with whatever pedophiles or other scum she so desired.
The reason for me coming forward with this publicly is because someone showed this screenshot of her in a discord voice chat with Likeicare (after confirming himself to be a pedophile on her livestream) of her publicly posting a conversation I had with her while we were on decent terms about a plan of mine to acquire the trademark to the website, alongside the legalities involved of what it could mean for cloned versions.
As well as other things I've caught her red handed in.

P.S. Ade, when you eventually read this (because I know you will) I want to be very clear about something.

Don't fuck with me again.

Don't even so much as mention my business.

You've continuously kept my name in your mouth throughout the past month and I find that to be absolutely unacceptable.

For every time I see you mention my name I will post one of your nudes, of which I have an entire folder.
Screenshot from 2021-04-27 06-18-38.png

If you push me farther than that, I'll dump a video of you having one of your absolutely incredible yet common BPD-ridden manic attacks where you're screaming and hitting yourself while rolling on the floor and claiming you want to die.
P.S. 2: Electric Boogaloo
The accurate dox of Adrienne Blair:
24570 Lincoln Ct, Farmington Hills, MI 48335
+17345856277 joker rant by @aediot
  • current happenings by @Perspicacity
  • Aediot claims he was contacted by Ade who said someone was offering money to dox Pigclips.
  • Pigclips says she never saw any evidence that she was doxxed by Ade. (Even though she knew it was Ade the entire time because Aediot told her.)
  • Pigclips told people PPP had Squire & I dox her for some kind of video about Kiwifarms or some retarded bullshit.
  • Pigclips claims to like Ade and is totally cool with her despite the fact that she's known for months this bitch was trying to dox her.
  • Ade claims she doesn't even know who Pigclips is.
  • Ade claims Aediot made the whole thing up about asking to dox Pigclips.

(a @Sriracha exclusive report?)
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Feb 21, 2020
Courtney Love is a horrendously low talented, dumb and vapid, clout chasing bitch - so I can see why @adezero identifies with her as an inspirational figure. If she tries really hard and is lucky maybe she (Ade) too will have a husband that suck starts a shotgun rather than deal with her bullshit. Hopefully they will both overdose on Fentanyl one day.

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Sep 15, 2016


Aug 2, 2019
Add her name to the OP and title, Adrienne Blair.

She dated a previous owner of ED, Brian Zaiger, and Ralph claims she accused him of abuse. She drove across 2 states during a pandemic to have a taste of the gunt, and, like Ralph, was also previously dating (or fucking, not really sure) a BARELY LEGAL (I don't like this phrase, but people here certainly do) teenager. This info should all be in Ralph's thread somewhere.

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Aug 18, 2020
I think tachy has the big tits. They are quite large, in a forty year old woman sense of the term. Still would motorboat tbh.
I used to think southern accents on women were a turn-on. Then I worked for a military bank and had to hear them screaming at me over a phone line for years. Now I get nauseous hearing a hillbilly woman unless it's dear sweet beloved Dolly Parton.

Tachy is dumb as fuck, her tits are sloppy but seh beats cancer and is a good pal to Ade and doesn't afraid of anything.

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