Adrienne Blair and Tachy / @adezero / zerotacht - ex of Ethan Ralph & pair of tits

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did they give you a reason for b& you?
So they were going on a banning and kicking spree, the reason they gave me are these screenshots

What had happened was there was another user named Cabernet in the server, both him and I are from the same country (Australia)

He went on stream one day and criticised Ades dating history, this got Tachy upset and she believed it was me who was on stream

She proceeded to get a clip of me talking and compared it to Cabernet speaking, she was convinced it was me and said I was trying to disguise my voice by making it sound different whilst also trying to leave it the same so they wouldn't know I changed it (this can be confirmed by multiple people)

So the user Cabernet took my name and pfp which I did not mind and ran with the joke and became my Liquid (MGS)

Ade saw the comments and blocked and banned me and designated my server as a Ade/Tachy hate server

Now a few problems with Ades speculation:
1. She has been in my server since the beginning, so she saw the different ranks and the different colours
2. Sol and the other Eli have the same colour, why would I who also gave themselves admin power with a different colour be yello?
3. Ade knew how to contact me and ask me, but she did not
4. She could click on the names and see mine is the real one

Edit: to clarify this was in my own discord server which Ade was apart of since the beginning

Cabernet still has my name and I do not mind



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Fuck you guys. I am 37. They're all saggy after 30 and having a couple kids. I will put male attention all over them titties.
People should go look at more actual amateur porn (or go outside and actually meet n fuck wammans), tits aren't nearly as perky or as symmetrical as the media leads you to believe. That said, Tachy's are probably on the verge of giving up with how she always poses with them hanging so they look fuller.

I wonder if the crazy emanating from her crazy eyes is as much as I think it is.


Once upon a time, I was looking at GuruGossipper and was surprised it was even a bigger site than the KF. I thought maybe there's some way to broaden the scope of the forum to get more users and activity to swing over.

I discovered it was full of black people and low IQ white trash with dedicated threads about LDRs with inmates and people who write their life sentence crushes.

Decided against doing anything based on that information.


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We have a couple of menopausal (or close to) women who, despite what common sense would dictate, have a bunch of orbiters that I would assume are angling to get their dick wet into an old, dry and probably poorly maintained puss. I will not even entertain the idea that those people wish for something more serious, that's just depressing.
What's funny is that if you want to do that, you can just make an account on some dating site or whatever and aim for 30+ women. Those women tend to be on the desperate side and will usually speed up the dating process because they can't afford to play coy, as opposed to a younger woman.
One can argue this is scummy behavior and it is, it's morally reprehensible, but it is what it is. At least it's better, for the dude at least, then engaging in discord faggotry and online simping.
Very funny to observe.


ade / aediot are sorting out their issues together:

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Now also mediating the trademark dispute between aediot and the other ED guys