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Oct 20, 2018
I'm no lawyer, but I dont see how a court in MI can issue a binding order against someone not in their jurisdiction. Ralph just pussied out, I really don't think a restraining order from a different state could apply to him.
Restraining orders are enforced no matter what state the involved individuals are in. This is because of the violence against women act which is a federal law to protect female victims of abuse but expands to all people involved in the order. Which is probably why he's trying to fight The Vickers one as well. The main limit on the restraining order is that if Ralph wants to appeal again he would have to go to Michigan. If Ade moves and wants to modify the restraining order before it expires she would also need to go back to Michigan.

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Apr 27, 2015
A wise decisio-

I mean Jesus fucking Christ Ralph, what a bitch move! All of a sudden one wrinkly old lady files ONE restraining order against you and you puss the fuck out! I bet your lawyer is a dumb woman which is why you did that. Absolutely FELTED! You tiny 4 foot 11 inches tall manlet, I can't believe a woman who picks up ass napkins got you to sit and shake in a corner while your ugly tranny bf won't even fuck you anymore. She's probably just waiting out the lease to run the fuck to digibro.

You see how this works yet?
Ralph is stronger than some pussy ass restraining order. Fuck em up, king!

Mr. Manchester

Oct 10, 2014
I would like to offer up my personal congratulations to Ade. She has accomplished a lot in her time as a bizarre e-thot. From informing the public of Ralph's 50k to winning the world record in the ass napkin scavenger hunt the world watched as she propelled herself to the top. Now we have what may be the crowing achievement of her career.

I would like to nominate Ade for the felt medal for owning the ever living fuck out of Ralph. She has some tough competition from the likes of Vickers and our very own Gunt forum, but I think that it's time for her to take it on home.

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