Adrienne Blair and Tachy / @adezero / zerotacht - ex of Ethan Ralph & pair of tits


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Sep 15, 2019
uwu mistress aide please step on me and give me some of the poo poo. pwease don't take me to court and abort me. i was just tryna have some fun. pwease mistress i'll do anythin' u want

Aug 18, 2019
Ralph should just as well get into CFNM porn at this point. He's the very picture of a loser cuck simp bitch herb wimp and would be the Jeff Stryker of that genre of pornography.
He has a lucrative career for BLACKED ahead of him as "right-wing podcaster/cuckold" so really if you think about it Ralph won. Can't abort the retort!


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Aug 28, 2018
I'm no lawyer, but I dont see how a court in MI can issue a binding order against someone not in their jurisdiction. Ralph just pussied out, I really don't think a restraining order from a different state could apply to him.
They can issue it, they can't enforce it. Basically, Ralph can't talk shit only if he at any point goes to Michigan. Since I don't see him being able to afford a bus ride, let alone a plane ticket, he can continue his shit with relative impunity.

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