Adrienne Blair and Tachy / @adezero / zerotacht - ex of Ethan Ralph & pair of tits


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Dec 24, 2019
Oh yeah... how much was it again? At least more than a super sized meal a month I hope
I want to say like somewhere in the neighborhood of $500-$800 a month. I would have to go back to either the main thread or poke around the board to get a concrete answer, but Gunty seethed about losing "almost 1000$" from having his pateron axed for almost a month while his gay little app was in development.


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Sep 17, 2018
The restraining order even existing is just bizarre. If you don't like a person and they're happy to have nothing to do with you and also not talk about you as long as you keep your mouth shut about then, it really really seems like the winning move is to not talk to or about them.

I guess I just can't understand how a true ralpha Chad who has a true beta chadservant thinks after all


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Jan 31, 2021
Thread and Current Board theme.

I just realized the lyric "You can't even talk to me" literally describes a restrainer order.
At this point that's pretty much Ralph's personal theme song. I mean, he's literally trying to get his babymomma to findom him (when he's not slobbering over little girls, anyway).

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Jan 29, 2021
Would ralph get in trouble if TTS donations about ade played on his show?
He would cut it off. I tried when I told him that I can't paypig him if he can't keep his Patreon on. And he lost his Patreon because he went after Ade.

The video "Ralph attacks Haru I think, with a CECA dono" was where he cut the superchat which mentioned Ade by her last name. You can view what I tried to send to Ralph in that thread too.
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Sep 10, 2020
Dearest Ade,

Exultant congratulations bestowed upon thee for thy recent triumph over that terrible gunted Beast of West Memphis, and I say you are well to be rid of it for a time, but damn you! Had thee the foresight to see that our harvest of corn will be short this season perchance or by providence, perhaps you might have endured the Gunt's needling and hollering a bit longer. You have deprived us of a portion of our sustenance, and our defence is not fully prepared and his wrath shall be fully wrought upon us! By Jersh, woman, what have you done?

Nice tits, btw.

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Oct 23, 2017
He has a lucrative career for BLACKED ahead of him as "right-wing podcaster/cuckold" so really if you think about it Ralph won. Can't abort the retort!

Ethan Ralph has already accepted a role in the XXX rated feature film Tariq Nasheed is working on. It has the tentative title of Buck Breaking 2: Buckle up Buckaroo.

Source: just trust me bro

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