African-American Appreciation Thread - Highlighting contributions from our most productive citizens

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Jews call blacks schvartzes, which is a Yiddish word meaning black. If you're wondering why that resembles the German name Schwartz, it's because Yiddish is a dialect of German with a Semitic alphabet.

Some groups like Innuit/Eskimos and Mongolians are almost obligate carnivores, and tolerate a diet of grains and sugars poorly. It stands to reason that blacks, who evolved as hunter-gatherers for the most part would get fat easily not having to chase gazelle to exhaustion.

Some west Africans farmed yams for a few thousand years, so they can probably tolerate grains better than their cousins, but they aren't cut out for a sedentary lifestyle.

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Jews call them schwoogies which means shadows. Chinese folk have a word they call blacks that I forget but it means the same as the burnt food and grease that accumulates in the woks they cook with. Hispanics usually just call them negros. I think Arabs call them kaffir.
The Chinese also refer to them as hookers due to a lot of them whoring themselves on the streets in the major cities in China.

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Robert Johnson contributed a lot to the blues movement in his short life and became a very influential musician to many rock musicians.

The Four Tops and Smokey Robinson are pretty damn good. And most of the bands that came out around the time as The Four Tops. (The Platters, The Flamingos, etc.)

Most of motown of course. And Otis Redding, who of course died in a plane crash.

Etta James, Mary Wells, Fontella Bass as well.


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Would it be wrong of me to say that a lot of these videos are one of the many reasons I love black people? It's hard to find any group that can be this funny without trying. I mean I get it, a lot of the humor is at their expense but in a lot of cases they just roll with it. In my experience it's just significantly harder to find a white guy who is both stupid and funny whereas black men and women are often hilarious regardless of their intelligence. Though if 'm being honest those bike videos where Tyrone gets tazed in the balls is some of the funniest shit I've ever seen, but I think that has to due more with the nature of comedy and tragedy moreso than just him being black. I mean sure his economic statis as a poor black man certainly makes it funnier and I'd probably just be annoyed at it if it were a white dude. I think it's the reactions that get me. Its beautiful.
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I guess black "history" has expanded to include living people, at the beginning of their careers.

I mean even Hispanics, who haven't mastered English half the time, get this: "Hispanic Heritage Month."
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