African-American Appreciation Thread - Highlighting contributions from our most productive citizens

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Feel free to misgender me.
Freddie D was in fact, based as fuck.
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Shame that his last name had the double "s" so it ended in "ass." Bet he got roasted in a lot of rap battles for that when he was a kid.
He sounds like an OG (Old Gangsta).
Dude actually had some balls.

Ok, let's get to what is actually important ...

"Black history month? But how does that benefit US, the QUEERS? We better rush the stage!"
Gad, no shit. Hijacking Black History month?

Out with Fredrick Douglas, Crispus Attucks, Harriet Tubman, Richard Wright, MLK, Malcolm, Ray Charles ... forget this old school "Blacks helped build America" shit.

In with RuPaul, and emerging Black Queer performance.


In conclusion, hoes mad
A couple of years back somebody bought one of our melanin-rich bums his (Tyrone Biggums) exact outfit and I almost shit myself laughing
Tyrone Biggums deserves a mention

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Hell is real and we live in it.
You missed the best part. The main reason for the rolling blackouts was that people were STEALING THE OIL FROM THE ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMERS TO MAKE FUCKING FRIED CHICKEN.

The article talking about it is hilarious

Also please read the comments. They are fucking hilarious, they all look like they were written by African warlords who just got access to the internet.

A Humble Ewok

...and a future for Ewok children.
I love it when a racist shithead comes at me with his racist stormfront ramblings and all i have to says is "Like Jazz dude, Jazz music man, Maybe culture yourself before spewing your bigotry?"
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