Agniya Kuznetsova / Tomatomagica - A Fat, Queer Russian Artist that pioneered "The tumblr art extremes" who harasses others over fictional female tits


im intersex i have both uwu
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anyone want these pics from her old nsfw tumblr?
Damn, those are some hideous titties
These days you normally only see tits like that on trannies.

Pizza Time

You serious?
anyone want these pics from her old nsfw tumblr?
I have the zip file downloaded, I'll reupload everything here once images are working on the site again.

Damn, those are some hideous titties
These days you normally only see tits like that on trannies.
No wonder she gets so mad about anime girl tits. Just makes me wonder though, why doesn't she draw representation of sad flappy tits like hers? Sure women and troons with deformed pointy pancake titties deserve respect and representation as well, right?
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Please remember to archive fucking everything, not only because it's the custom here, but also because Agniya is quick to delete things. Don't just post a direct link to whatever site the screencap is from (OR JUST THE SCREENCAP!) Use or what have you in order to make things stay forever.

Edit: I was actually told about the nudes on twitter, but didn't want to ask or find out about them. Seeing them now, it's very telling that Agniya is self projecting. She has the huge nose,the stretch marks all over, and an awfully sculpted face that even her mother couldn't love. Even her art isn't a redeeming quality. What does her man see in her?

Sylvie Paula Paula

He's wasting his life and killing his body
he’s not exactly a catch so i’m sure it was convent for him to score a russian mail order bride

so since she’s flying to the states to marry this guy, what part of her is queer again? the man hating?
The drawing 8 year old girls getting fucked, I guess. It seems like she's only queer for anime girls, underaged or not.

And that does remind me, nobody mentions this but one of her favourite characters - Micchy from the Yokai Watch fandom, the character featured all over her Yokai Watch blog - has a crush on a 13 year old girl. Take that as you will.

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Fuck, she's not a teenager, she's 23. I bet she doesn't even study anywhere, because it's easier to draw ugly shit. Also, the type of noses she draws is called "potato nose" in Russia, 90% of russians have 'em. It can look authentic with other features, but she doesn't draw them. Btw, ASIANS DON'T HAVE POTATO NOSES (usually).
God that's just ugly:
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If your characters looks like this then you should think reaaaally hard about your life choices.

For those who isn't slav, this is a cheap money grabber with shitty everything, so people who get money to make it could inflate it's price and steal, like, 70% of the budget, that is mostly funded by the government.

Russian SJW's are even worse than usual ones, because they're parroting fucking tumblr, but don't actually know what are they fighting for. How many black people in Russia outside of Moscow or S.T. Petersburg? Like, three and maybe 15 if your local unis taking them in? Bitch, you have problems like not working laws, corruption, literally anything, but you're repeating after whining 14 y.o. on tumblr about hard life of teh true and honest wamman with girldick? Go outside, because those middle class spoiled idiots won't give a flying fuck about you, like it happened, when Chechnya started to kill gays.
Russian art community is a joke, but Russian younger art-community with sjw undertones is a thing that'll give you cancer faster than showing kilo of pure Radium up your ass.


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Well, now we know why she goes on such a crusade against large, round boobs in media. She thinks that because one of her tits looks like a moob and the other like someone painted a red solo cup in flesh tones and slapped it to her chest, every pair of tits should look the same.

I've never seen such naturally deformed tits. Like, holy fuck.
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Reviving this thread with more of tomato's hypocrisy I managed to find
"Tomato's caption: Smartass that counts money of other people

Anon: I wanna say that your prices are out of competition, to be exact, far overboard of price policies inside CIS. The quality you offer doesn't match the price any bit. A bit lower are the examples of russian artists with commission prices not exceeding 1000-2000 rubles. That trash you draw in 30 minutes on a knee is an absolute bullshit, just like this fill form. Good luck waiting for 1 commission this year. If somebody buys it. Your fullbody prices with potato noses and fat women just like you only 500 rubles.

Tomato's caption: My commissions this year (2019)"
"If you don't have money for a commission - don't commission. It's all simple. I sell the product, it's your business to buy it or not. But don't point me out how I should work and what other people should do with their money. Your complaints are none of my concern, if you think that your skill is higher than mine, but you don't accept commissions because you're "not ready" I don't care about your opinion that my commissions are bullshit"

Now keep in mind that she basically calls anon a buffoon for "counting her money" when does this

Agniya’s reply:”This situation is nothing. She buys IPhone for 100k and wants to prove me that this 3k are crucial to her
Tomat:”Her dad is a millionaire, meanwhile I rot in a shitty 1 room apt.
I don’t fucking care, tbh.
She’s a spoiled rich girl, and I don’t want to act how she wants
Also could afford travel visa, trip to Belgium, owns Switch and recently bough herself AC:NH. Wouldn't be surprised if her "Moving to US" Kickstarter money actually went on buying games or other bs.
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We work for 40 years and then we die.
I remember her from twitter. Yeah, she’s an annoying cunt and has 0 defenders which is kind of shocking for an SJW. She pops up time and time again using outrage culture to get people to care about her fugly art.

Why are all Russians this exceptional?

Pandemic at the disco

Gaining a lb a day till corona's at bay
She deleted her Russian art page during ex-roommate drama. Her main income are twitter and tumblr
And she’s pretty rus-phobic herself, she always treated her slav fans worse then foreign ones, and talked how she wants to move to states to her internet bf, and how Russian fans can’t pay her as much as foreign ones.
Wait, does communism win this one or lose?

One the one hand there's being poor. One the other hand they're about to get rid of her.

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This character isn't even a trap, it's an idol with huge titties. Nobody would ever call a character like this a trap.
Is no one going to mention that the ribcage on the shirt of the cahracter she drew looks like a giant trans colored dick?

I was about to say “she just has tubular breasts...” and went to look up examples. Lo and behold:

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Hers are on the more fortunate side, though.
I might need to take a break from this forum.

This tube boob thing is actually making me sad. I did not know of such horrors. I will never look at snoopy or bananas the same way again.

Damn. I suppose I'll just go trauma bond with Nitflix by watching Tiger King or Saul.

Decided to check on Agniya, apparently, there's some family drama going on:

This post is now pinned (her fiancee retwited it as well):

Twit by mentioned Napstachill:

Seems she and her sister (?) fled their parent's house and now are money-begging for rent. Renting a room in Moscow is no small feat by all means, so who knows how long this rebellious phase will last.

Some retwits by Agnia pointed out that it might be due to daddy issues:

P.S. Napstachill's artstyle reminds me of one anon-chan who was bullied in SU-threads on Russian imageboard for attention-whoring. Her name was Tatiana, but the last name was something else, as far as I remember, so maybe it's not the same person, since it's just a trendy art-style and fandoms.
EDIT: nope, not that girl, totally different last name
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