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Aguyuno / Azure / Timothy "Tim" CraigHe's 6 Feet Tall & Ready. Fake Asexual. Sexual Harasser. Thirsty for Ian Miles Cheong & Mombot.

Discussion in 'Sisterwood' started by Feline Darkmage, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. fattimmy.jpg
    Timothy Craig
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    DoB: March 31, 1989
    SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I., class of 2007
    Most recently studying Social Service Work at Centennial College

    Facebook (archive)
    LinkedIn (archive)
    DeviantArt [recently deactivated] (historical archive) - the DA accounts he was watching were full of cartoon girls being tied up and tortured by tickling. It seems Timothy Craig is a bondage fetishist.
    Soundcloud (screenshot - archive.is doesn't work for this site)
    Imgur (screenshot - archive.is doesn't work for this site)

    He's also got an old Gaia Online account (archive).

    Plus here's an old account where he used to write stories about people being mean to him in high school (archive).

    Tim Craig, also known as Aguyuno, has been gathering a lot of attention with his antics recently. This guy already despises all of us due to having the thread about Nora and her other friends that run in this stampede of lolcows.

    Here is a cap of him talking to Nora: http://archive.is/1Wejv

    And here he is confessing being a bit creepy
    Thread about it on KiA here: https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAc...a_another_agg_figure_azureaguyuno_accused_of/

    More of Tim's thirst:

    https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets...i OR kf OR kiwifarms OR "kiwi farms"&src=typd

    He doesn't seem to get the point of ED and their humor, but as long as what they say bolsters his seething hatred of us, he'll go for it. Also, another one that switches between laughing at us and thinking that we're evil demons coming to rape and murder his friends.

    Lol, and here's the stuff on his dad, who goes by the name "WanderingPenguin"
    Dad's powerword is Steve Craig
    https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=from:mad:wanderingpeng1 @aguyuno&src=typd

    (Archived versions of Steve's content)

    And recently, right as I was working on this thread, he went Tango Down
    But the salt should be fun when he inevitably comes back.

    Hi Tim!

    Glad to see you back!
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage Catgirl (Male) Rights Activist
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  2. Steve looks normal and has a picture of Harambe on his Facebook.
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    Oh Long Johnson

    Oh Long Johnson Breitbart Kiwi Section Cheif
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  3. Sadly he spawned this thing though, and defends his decision to have done so back in the 80s. Similar to Nora's pop he's seemingly ignoring what his kid is up to. Like the opposite of Kevin Albee and Leah's situation. While I do kind of sympathize with Penguin in a general sense, I thought he was worth a mention and so did a few others I was PMing with earlier.
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage Catgirl (Male) Rights Activist
    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  4. He looks like a more autistic and vastly less successful Gabe Newell
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    Lachlan Hunter McIntyre

    Person of Interest

  5. Boy, that sure is a sixhead on that feller.



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    Overchek Mad Online™

  6. He also jumps into Tim's twitter fights sometimes.

    And when he's not fighting his son's battles, he's busy getting into slapfights with randos over global warming. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.
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    Portajohn Are you still being followed by the teenage FBI?

  7. I feel really bad for Gabe after seeing Timothy.
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    randomfarmer Jake Alley is the girliest girl who ever girled.

  8. Don't. Gaben is literally swimming like a majestic walrus in an Olympic sized pool filled with the money of speds like Timothy that buy dozens of Valve games.
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    Lachlan Hunter McIntyre

    Person of Interest

  9. Dude looks like the reincarnation of Tiny Tim.


    His Twitter avatar is fitting, because Timmy is the personification of a facepalm.
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    Patrick Buttman

    Patrick Buttman big Swiss hand rapist

  10. But Gabe is not a grotesque troon and actually made money from his work.
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    randomfarmer Jake Alley is the girliest girl who ever girled.

  11. I can't wait from the butthurt from this twat to flow. :popcorn:

    He shouldn't have fucked with bearycool.
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    chimpburgers Big league
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  12. Looks like he's quicker on the uptake than some other lolcows. He's shut down or privated all of the above accounts already. Good job on the archiving.
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  13. His arm fat to face fat ratio is all out of wack. Nice thread @Feline Darkmage
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    yawning sneasel

    yawning sneasel Manager
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  14. [​IMG]

    Important reminder: An ugly man who looks like an orangutan and a fat, ugly woman from New Mexico are totally cool despite contributing nothing to society.
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    Army Burger

    Army Burger Special K & Awex

  15. image.jpeg
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    Chan the Wizard

    Chan the Wizard My Gemsona is autistic

  16. So if not a troon, a verified faggot?
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    randomfarmer Jake Alley is the girliest girl who ever girled.

  17. We know you're not trans, at least not transgendered. Got plenty of transfat though.

    You're part of Nora's rat king of exceptional individuals who basically serve to do nothing but give her eternal asspats for existing and continuing to scream at any given subject that curries her distain. Much like a Twitter version of a Brianna Wu snarl, but neverending.

    Many members of this rat-king are given their own threads simply because they are, in their own right, entertaining. The more you talk about the Farms and screech as if your opinions on the internet matter, the more the Farms will talk about you - especially if you're overtly hostile. This is part of the reason why Alex Leal got Farms attention - he got mad enough to talk about 'taking down the farms' as if it were a genuine threat beyond sending abuse reports to cloudflare.

    tl;dr - keep flailing, we'll keep watching and laughing. That's kinda how this dynamic works. If you want to watch us and laugh too, go ahead, but don't call the farms a genuine threat to your friends in the next breath. That just makes you come off as disingenuous.
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  18. He looks like the penguin
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  19. Lol who cares Matthew and Jenny, Tim is still a fat greasy creeper.

    ETA: Also Maya/Matt, maybe that should be a sign that this sub isn't designed to hate trans people?
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    #19 Feline Darkmage, Aug 18, 2016
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage Catgirl (Male) Rights Activist
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  20. Co87AjOVYAECAZo.jpg


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    #20 Hellfire, Aug 18, 2016
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    Hellfire Sugar Cubes
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