Aimee Challenor / Ashton Lucas David Challenor - Green politician troon, adult baby, son of an adult baby rapist, furry, brony


fucker of trannies
Aimee Challenor is a fucked up troon, babyfur, brony, and sometime politician/government adviser/troon lobbyist.

Aimee was appointed (archive) English Green Party LGBT++ spokesman in 2015. He quit this job in September 2018 after it emerged he knowingly employed his father after he had been charged with rape.

Aimee is LGBT++ rep for the Open University the UK's online university (where he is studying Politics, Philosphy and Economics). He is also troon advisor for Stonewall the UK's LGBtroon charity, has given evidence to Parliament, and has published articles in the UK media.


Name: Aimee Challenor, born Ashton Lucas David Challenor
Date of birth: 1st October 1997
Address: 'the house of horrors', 58 Charterhouse Road, Coventry, CV1 2BJ


Early childhood

Aimee's mother, Tina Challenor [née Bull] had two children by a different father: Daniel and Joe MacCormick. Due to the shittiness of Tina's parenting, both children were taken into care and permanently adopted when aged around 3 or 4. Daniel & Joe seem to have grown up in Oban, Scotland, hundreds of miles from Tina's house in Coventry, England. Daniel was an evangelical Christian into his early adulthood, however in the last couple of years he has changed his surname to Challenor, and became a typical autistic atheist, sharing Star Trek memes etc. Daniel still lives in Scotland, but Joe has moved to Wolverhampton, close to Coventry.

Tina met her new baby daddy, David Challenor, when they were both 24, and claim to have moved in with him within 36 hours of meeting, in weird 'our true love whirlwind romance story articles' they placed in the media.

Ashton (as he then was) was the first of David & Tina's three children, so was naturally given a name beginning with 'A', followed by two siblings beginning 'B' and 'C'.

Life in care - the Challenors vs The World
Ashton's grandparents on his 11th birthday in 2008 placed an advert in the local newspaper saying that they were 'sadly separated by circumstances'. Presumably they were in care, with no parental contact permitted, as David Challenor uploaded this ad to Flickr:

A court ruling (archive) in 2010 found that Tina Challenor was prone to imaginary illnesses and subjected her children (including Ashton) to very large numbers of medical appointments. In addition, she was found to have made a false report of sexual abuse of one of the children by an unrelated third party. Despite the shitty parenting, dirty overcrowded house and the fact that mom was unfit mentally and physically to look after the children, it wasn't sufficient to keep the kids away from their fucked up parents.

Instead the Challenors encouraged their children to develop a persecution complex and a belief that they were fighting an endless battle against the forces of social services, the police, corrupt courts, and judges, something that continued right up to, and beyond, the point David Challenor was charged with rape.

For example in 2013 Ashton threatened a cyberterror attack against the Birmingham Bullring, a large shopping mall. It is not clear exactly clear what happened, whether Ashton sperged out at the mall, got whooped by security, and THEN made the threats, or actually went to carry out his attack and got whooped at that point. As part of the grand family conspiracy theory, both David & Ashton believe that Ashton was 'assaulted'. Either way, the resulting police involvement meant that the Challenor children were again taken into care.

Youtube Google search result for Bullring cyberattack threat by Ashton using the account name 4n0nem0u5/Randi Lupus (one of Ashton's furry profiles):

Ashton's Ask.FM answer from 3 February 2013:


Ashton's blog from March 2013 stated he had 'been assaulted and taken into care'.

The cyberattacks seem to have made it to court (archive), but the case was presumably dropped.


A facebook site 'Support And Prayers For The Challenor Family' (archive) was for a small group of unhinged conspiracy theorists to claim that the police, social services and other official bodies were out to 'get' the Challenors. Convictions for animal cruelty and bans from keeping animals, further reinforced the family's persecution complex.

AB/DL, Furry & Babyfur

Ashton's father David may have inspired Ashton's descent into furrydom, as David publicly (archive) adopted the name 'Baloo' at least as early as 2007, through his role as a Scout leader, which he likely started when Ashton himself joined the Beaver/Cub Scouts.

Baloo the Bear was more than just a Scout persona, as David also had a running club called 'Dog & Bear', and appeared in bear costumes on multiple occasions. The Challenor children, including Ashton, were involved in David's various 'dog and bear' activities, including 'Dog & Bear Photography' and 'Dog & Bear running' , where Ashton was a first aider.


Signs of Ashton's deviant furrydom is found on the ADISC AB/DL forum where Ashton posted as 'mucky meerkat' in November 2011 at age 14y 2mo. In a blog of May 2012 on 'My Adult Baby Life', he said he had been a AB/DL for six years, and as a furry for six months.


Mucky Meerkat is a diaper-wearing male meerkat with an 'autistic pawprint'.






As Mucky Meerkat, Ashton had inappropriate contact with many, much older men. Evidence of this can be found on his Twitter.



Two older men were key in Ashton's emergence into troondom. These are identified on his FA (archive), his 'older sister' maddie_wufff (a troon/babyfur 15 years older than Ashton), and runt/feefers (a troon/babyfur 19 years older than Ashton) as 'mommy'.

The identify of 'Maddie' (then Madison Letch, now Paige Mickley, taking the name Mickley from 'Rebecca Mickley', a US troon furry author whom he travelled to have sex with in the US) is not completely clear, and though he was close to Ashton's IRL parents & siblings, and appears in Ashton's IRL blog as his 'sister', this is likely just a fetish thing, with the Challenors failing to draw appropriate boundaries with Ashton & his weird lovers. Maddie is a furry who said he gained the courage to come out as troon when he moved from Essex to live with feefers in Aberdeen.

See later post in this thread for more on feefers.


The parallels between David Challenor, Ashton's real Daddy, a paedophile adult baby diaper sex lover, and his contact with adult babies such as Feefers and Maddie/Paige, both men old enough to be his father, are obvious.

Into troondom via furryland

At one point Ashton claimed to be giving up babyfurdom, to become a brony.

However this didn't last long. Lory Vivaldi (archive), is an Alaskan Malamute, a furry account setup on June 20th 2014. A month later, Ashton setup Dénártha (archive), a female half-Irish silver fox.

Two weeks after Ashton's female Denartha fur was created on Fur Affinity, Ashton was publicly identifying as a troon woman, Aoibheaan, IRL, on Twitter to gay/troon charity, Stonewall.


He changed that within a matter of days to his still-current IRL name, Aimee.


Now with a credible troon name, Aimee soon realised he could get longed for validation he by becoming a troon activist. Everyone he tweeted about his trooniness assured him he was a real, valid woman :



Aimee was quick to seek, and find, validation as a troon, attending a troon 'Youth Camp' run by Stonewall, as well as a Gendered Intelligence (different troon lobby group/charity) camping trip, both important factors in his emergence as a credible troon activist appointed both to the Green Party and Stonewall. He also was very active in the Reddit Model House of Commons, in the Green Party.

Aimee the nascent troon activist was at this point was still openly discusing furry matters, explicitly linking Trans & Fur with his TransFur News(archive). In addition, Aimee joined troon-partner Maddie's existing photography page, which they renamed to 'TransFur Photography', as part of a grand 'TransFur' network. A third photographer was later added, Jessica Ottowell, a troon member of the Liberal Democrat party, who was in a relationship with Maddie, and also fairly close to Aimee. Although the content produced by 'TransFur' photography was regular boring stuff, it shows Aimee's weird boundaries in disclosing his interest in furrydom.

Goodbye Mucky Meerkat, hello Cassie Lovecraft

After Aimee came out as a troon, his Mucky Meerkat profile no longer fitted his identity, and he became Cassandra/Cassie Lovecraft/@_troublepup, a dog babyfur. The name Lovecraft is taken from one of feefers' identities, as 'Fiona Lovecraft'

Cassie is a two year old husky pup (a husky is pretty much the same as an Alaskan Malamute), who is 'doubly incontinent'.



Archive Twitter depravity links: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

As Cassie, Aimee acquired a new (poly) babyfur partner. This is @Nekosune ANOTHER troon who had moved in with @Feefers, who seems to be a kind of svengali for newly formed babyfur troons. @Nekosune is AKA Katrina Swales, and moderates most of the LGBT stuff on Reddit. Nekosune's adult baby account is @NekosuneAD is protected, but has a sizeable internet presence as @Nekosune. Aimee has made frequent visits to Aberdeen to visit his lovers, and they also go down to Coventry to visit him.

Aimee's official Green Twitter details his visits to Aberdeen describing them as visits to the Aberdeen Green Party. The brown party might be more appropriate in Aimee's case, and whether the entire Aberdeen Green Party consists of adult baby sex troon perverts is likely but unconfirmed.

Aimee also has a personal FA as aimeec (archive). Tifa Swales is another of Aimee's furry identities, in this case Swales being taken from nekosune's troon name Katrina Swales:

While Aimee has not used his IRL identity to promote adult baby diaper sex, there are enough links between his professional and babyfur Twitters showing his trips to Chez Nekosune/Feefers for threesome adult baby diaper sex orgies.

Daddy rapist

David Challenor raped a 10-year-old girl in 2010, tied to a beam in the attic, dressed as an adult-baby girl called Lucy. The details of the rape are similar to a bondage rape porn image liked on David's DeviantArt, an account followed by Aimee/Ashton.


The rape was first disclosed in 2015, when the victim confided in a friend. When Tina found out about the disclosure, she called the friend 'a lying slut', and pledged to 'get her'. This resulted in the friend running away, a full police investigation, interviewing all members of the Challenor family, including Aimee. Aimee's response was to complain to the victim that she had not contacted him.


As the police investigation and later trial progressed, Aimee cut off all relations with the victim, supporting Daddy wholeheartedly, nominating him for a 'Best Dad' prize in June 2018, using him as his election agent and generally sucking up. It is not known if Aimee was called as a witness at the trial, however Tina was, and continued to call the victim a liar and support David.

This is Aimee with Daddy rapist & Mummy at 2018 local elections:

Aimee nominating Daddy for a train ride from Virgin Trains in June 2018:

Interview with Aimee 'and her campaign manager Baloo' in 2017

After Daddy was convicted of adult baby diaper rape, Aimee may have obtained a temporary injunction to block anyone linking convicted 'very dangerous paedophile rapist' David Challenor to his son, Aimee Challenor.


This didn't stop people talking, so Aimee put out a lame statement (archive) saying that it was time to move on and give the family privacy. The Green Party's official response to the fact that their LGBTIAdultBaby rep supported Daddy rapist was to confirm that people like Aimee (and David?) are real women.

This was intended to allow Aimee to go on with his career as a full-time Green troon. Aimee had previously worked with allies including David Challenor, who used his furry name (!) of Baloo Challenor, to make motions at the 2017 Party Conference, troon boyfriend Nekosune/Katrina Swales, and other troon-friendly figures to make the party more troon-friendly. At the 2018 Spring conference Aimee and friends proposed motions designed to make it harder to expel criminals (like David) from the party, and easier to expel people for wrong think. This followed a previous run-in with another Green activist whom Aimee took out an injunction against due to misgendering.

This is David in his troon outfit, from Tina's Facebook:


Following sustained shrieking by TERFs, the party was forced to announce an independent investigation into David Challenor's role in the party. The troonfans in the Green Party women were still standing by their man sending out a statement in solidarity for Aimee.

However following intensive doxxing of Aimee's perversion on Twitter, he resigned saying that the party was transphobic, which is a pretty hilarious response as they are the wokest party in Britain.

It is likely that Aimee intends to re-enter politics at a later date, possibly via the Liberal Democrats, which is also very troon-friendly.

Twitters: @challenora (deleted) @aimeec110 (deleted) , @gpewaimee (deleted) @GreenPartyAimee (till yesterday) (official) (adult baby) (as Ashton Challenor) - Current official website IG (private) Old blog archive


Furs: (fox) archive - (dog) archive - (personal)

First adult baby profile Fur Affinity

Current adult baby profile (adult baby dog) - adult baby dog tumblr


Alternate adult baby profile
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This thread came about at a great time, written right as things started crashing down and the green party tries to distance themselves from the challenors. I'm curious about where Ashton will go from here.

Thomas Paine

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He trooned so hard that he got the London subway system to use gender-neutral language in official announcements/correspondence.
“We have reviewed the language that we use in announcements and elsewhere and will make sure that it is fully inclusive, reflecting the great diversity of London,” he said.

The gender-inclusive change came about following an incident when Aimee Challenor, Green Party equalities spokesperson and a transgender commuter, was told that she “didn’t sound like a Miss” during a phone call to the London Tube’s helpline in September of 2016. Following Challenor’s call, LGBTQ activist pushed for gender training for the Underground’s staff and appealed to London mayor Sadiq Khan to change the language of the train’s greetings and announcements.

Sperged out against the London Pride March because it didn't include troons:
More than 2,000 LGBT+ people and allies, including a number of prominent trans women, have signed a letter chastising Pride in London over the transphobic protest on Saturday – and demanding a change in the board.

The open letter, published on Friday, condemned the “horrific exclusionary behaviour” at the Pride event in the capital, when a group of transphobic lesbians protestors hijacked the front of the march and were able to lead much of the parade.

The letter was organised by Aimee Challenor, a trans woman and equalities spokesperson for the Green Party of England and Wales.
Letter pdf on her personal site:

He was also interviewed by the Guardian and they even drop slight dox lol:
Curriculum vitae
  • Age: 20.
  • Lives: Coventry.
  • Family: In a relationship, lives with her parents.
  • Education: Lewis Charlton school, Ashby-de-la-Zouch; Open University (in first year of politics, philosophy and economics BA).
  • Career: 2017 to present: co-convener, Global Greens LGBT+ network; 2017 to present: publications coordinator, Green party executive; 2016 to present: equalities (lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersexual, queer, asexual) spokeswoman, Green party of England and Wales.
  • Interests: Charity volunteering, photography and computing.
She compares trans people’s struggles to those of gay people when Section 28 of the local government act was introduced. It is 30 years since Margaret Thatcher’s government banned the “promotion” of same-sex relationships in local authorities – and that moral panic resembles transphobia today, she says. Unlike gay people in the 80s, politicians recognise trans rights, but she says prejudice is still common in society at large. “You sometimes still hear trans people being described as sexual predators,” she says. And despite progress, gay and lesbian people remain unsafe. “The government is trying to deport those who have sought asylum in the UK to avoid persecution for being gay. Sometimes the punishment is death. That is horrific.”

And Challenor has experienced prejudice herself. It started on the night she came out as trans at her school prom, aged 16. She wasn’t allowed to wear a dress, her headteacher told her, because it was “unnecessarily attention-seeking” and would make the school “look stupid”. (The school back-pedalled after a complaint from Challenor’s parents.) Since then she has been attacked mostly via social media: her mental health began to suffer after a recent barrage of abusive tweets. “One of the things that has helped me ignore the hate is the fact that yes, I’m trans, but I’m a Green party politician – and I’m achieving at something I’m damn well proud of.”

Also has been on the news as a "correspondent/advisor"
Story of being troon-bullied:

He doesn't understand human rights on the UK Gay Cake vs Bakery case:

edit: Holy shit, there's more :story:

"On Twitter I now have close to 400 accounts blocked, and I still wake up each morning to around 20 notifications containing the most vile content."

He writes for Huff Post and the first article was about being able to get into the women's restroom
And change is always hard won. Despite the US Department of Health making it clear that trans students have an equal right to appropriate facilities such as bathrooms, intrusive and discriminatory 'bathroom bills' calling for genital checks in public bathrooms are currently flooding the US. As an openly trans politician I receive hate, purely based on the fact that I am trans, on a near daily basis. On Twitter I now have close to 400 accounts blocked, and I still wake up each morning to around 20 notifications containing the most vile content.

Small positive steps such as extra training or a safe place to go to the toilet can be the foundation to key long-term change to make our society we live in today more inclusive. But, as the traditional activism saying goes, "Nothing about us, without us." To go forward as a society we need more trans and non-binary voices in politics. I've been lucky with the opportunity to be able to stand for election, and to raise the profile of an inclusive society, but more could be done. After all we live in an amazingly diverse society, surely our politics should reflect that?

Luckily more and more people are agreeing - but there's still some small changes we need to make to get there. And there's nowhere better for Parliament to start than with some gender neutral toilets.


  • NoPrideInTransphobia-full.pdf
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I've just updated the OP with the discovery that Aimee actually started off as a Babyfur under the name 'Mucky Meerkat' aged 14. This changes the timeline quite a bit, as it shows that Aimee started off on his troon/furry/brony stuff as an adult baby diaper sex fan, which is rather significant in view of his father's convictions.

Mucky Meerkat connects to @Feefers, a very much older pervert, and likely a figure in the Aberdeen Green Party and probably known to David Challenor.

If anyone can:

* dox @Feefers - edit some info
* provide prima facie evidence of sex crimes against under age (pre-1 October 2013) Aimee
* provide any more links between the Aberdeen Green Party and Aimee Challenor/and or general green/adult baby sex links

that would be awesome.

View attachment 530899
  • Education: Lewis Charlton school, Ashby-de-la-Zouch; Open University (in first year of politics, philosophy and economics BA).
This seems to be a school for the severely disturbed.

In Aimee's transland this has changed into

"my conservative private secondary school."
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This seems to be a school for the severely disturbed.

In Aimee's transland this has changed into

"my conservative private secondary school."
Personality is 70 percent heritable. Aimee is a sociopath just like David, I'm sure of it the more I read. They're going to cast off this ruse without a care and move on to the next victims. There might be a detransition in the works if being a transwoman was part of a con to gain power in the green party.


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DAMN! This is easily one of the craziest and vilest individuals who's blipped onto the KF radar in recent weeks.

I first heard about this entity on rightwing-smartass R.S. McCain's blog a few days ago, but he only scratched the surface, concerning himself mainly with this troon's kiddy-raping Dad. The details about Aimee itself are astonishing; as one commenter noted above, it pretty much fills the entire /cow/ Bingo card.

Put this one on the Main feed with a "Horrorcow" label, STAT!


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Aimee is now suspended 'no-fault' from The Green Party. His statement says he wants to keep on working for the ' Green values of Environmental and Social Justice. '

I wonder if shitting in disposable diapers counts as Green & Environmental.
There are still moronic orbiters who think this is the fault of terves.

Edit: @unclefucker congrats on your thread being featured!
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