Akiva Meir Cohen / AkivaMCohen / Akiva ben Yisroel HaKohen - Filing photos of his own children with the copyright office so he can sue the KF for that sweet, sweet brand ownership.

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Akiva is an actual IP attorney which makes me wonder why he's saying retarded shit. What he's claiming is just factually incorrect.
No chance it's anything other than a scare tactic. Reality isn't that scary in this case, so he plays pretend and hopes that you assume that since he's a lawyer he isn't lying. "Oh no, that guy is a lawyer and he says I'm gonna lose my site and go bankrupt cuz I'm hosting his dox! Better clam up and delete everything and hide in fear!". Ironically that's essentially what he is doing now, since his twitter is private now.

I'm not surprised this manchild has 0 integrity as a lawyer, to the point where his best tactic is to scare people with lies. It sucks, but it doesn't surprise me.

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I was under the impression from the text on the front page that apparently hats are for sale or something related to this. After a quick browsing of the situation and seeing what a dumb motherfucker we're dealing with here, I don't see how hats are involved. This isn't Team Fortress 2 now, is it?


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Are attorneys today dumb as Jonathan Yaniv or always was stupid as some trannies?


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I'll be honest, I used to view lawyers at worst as scummy but intelligent but this is just embarrassing. I really should know better given the number of "educated" dumbasses I have as associates.
I used to think lawyers were smart people. Then a certain Japanese swine lawyer came to my attention and that notion burst into flame.

Nick and BHBH have somewhat healed my faith in lawyers, but I'm starting to believe they are the rare breed and most lawyers are just the scumbags at the butt end of all lawyer jokes.

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