Akiva Meir Cohen / AkivaMCohen / Akiva ben Yisroel HaKohen - Filing photos of his own children with the copyright office so he can sue the KF for that sweet, sweet brand ownership.

Slimy Time

Rape Face #3
Just found out about this guy's threats. Holy fuck I wouldn't have thought that he would be more exceptional than T Greg and his CPAP machine. This guy is behaving like a walking negative stereotype of both Jews and lawyers. I have met/encountered some lawyers over the past few years, both online and irl, and you had some fucking fruits, between alcoholics to raving socialists to complete perverts, but these all the KickVic lawyers, whether it's twitter lawyers or those in proceedings against him take the cake for some of the most negative portrayals of the legal profession I have seen.


True & Honest Fan
So Cohen's Twitter account is locked now. Guessing most likely answer is he's butthurt that his carpetmuncher yenta ex is now on the Page 1.

Smartest move for him though would be to realize how insanely stupid it'd be to fuck with a Gossip site powered thru autism. Use your Yiddish cup Akiba, you're headed for disaster.
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Immortal Technique

If new Dear Leader isn't the jew feeder as I was promised.....I mean....I don't know what to believe in anymore.

Edit: Akiva, don't fuck me a lesbian like Miriam; I'm just here for fun.



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