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AL live on YouNow - August 9th, 2018

Discussion in 'Amberlynn Reid' started by Sword Fighter Super, Aug 8, 2018.

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  1. Is Kennedy Jones (another Black Friend) another sock of Hambers? I tried reverse image search and didn't come up with anything, but their Younow account is bare except for their 1 connection to Amber.
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    hambeerlyingnreed Ordering pizza at the Weight Loss Clinic

  2. And what invisible friend is this? The only best friend she's ever mentioned is Krystle.

    "I can't be racist; my best friend is black!"
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    Toxoplasmosis I have scare in my eyes


  3. Here is her therapist, Dr Apteryx mantelli.

    Sorry, still not buying. Everything Amber has said so far about her therapist was generic crap and stuff mentioned in the Farms.
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  4. WLS has a really high rate of death because the patients are over weight and under anesthesia for a long time, also its a complicated gastric surgery that permanently alters one of the essential systems of the body. its absolutely plausible to know someone who died from it.
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    sperginity crescent fresh
    True & Honest Fan

  5. I swear I heard it while the stream was going on but I listened to that part back like 6 times and can't find it, I must have been mistaken. Sorry Kiwis :heart-empty:
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    666EVE666 Just a normal gorl

  6. WLS surgeries have different death rates depending on the type you have, but isn't particularly high compared with other surgeries, and especially compared to the rate of death due to obesity related disease if morbidly obese people choose to remain fat.
    You're right that it is high risk surgery because of the physical state of the patient though, most patients have to go through a pre-op diet to help reduce the size of the liver so it can be moved more safely while operating, and practically speaking it's harder to inflate the stomach to give the surgeon room to do his job because of the fat weighing down. That doesn't even account for the other health issues a patient brings to the table in terms of breathing difficulties etc that make surgery harder and more risky.

    Added to this, there are patients that flat out refuse to do the maintenance required of a wls patient after surgery. At a minimum you need to be on vitamins for life, and keep monitoring your bloodwork regularly to check those levels remain stable, especially if you had a malabsoptive procedure like a bypass (rather than VSG). You need to follow the plan in terms of reintroducing stages of food in the correct type and amounts to allow for proper internal healing.

    It's absolutely plausible to know someone who died from it because people (Hi Amber!) are idiots with their health and think they know better, risking both short and long term complications that can result in death on top of the immediate operating risks.
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