Aladdin remake trailer/general - robin williams didn't die for this

Xerxes IX

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So chaps, how long till the widespread mockery of the film is declared by usual media suspects to be a vile and bigoted hate campaign masterminded by evil manbaby incels and russian bots who want niggers and sandniggers to be banned from movies?
I really hope this is the first Disney film that not even the woke brigade likes. I mean not even Disney knows if they're supposed to be poo in the loos or kebabs so that's going to step on some toes.
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I mean, disregarding the fact it's Disney and all the cow themes behind: It looks tolerable. All the Mowgli remakes and what shit Netflix unloads out these days isn't a lot better. Disney movies weren't absolute Infinity War tier killers back in their days either; they became fifty times better with nostalgia.

This won't be a classic, but it'll be a decent movie almost guaranteed. Being obsessed with Disney is like the original Harry Potter fandom.

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Pikonic’s prediction
Budget: 275m (before advertising)
Box office total: 800m
RT score: 68%
Metacritic: 55/100
I predict that the box office total will probably be more around $600m but other than that I agree with your predictions.
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Yeah, the only way I'd watch this movie is if Nic Cage was the genie.

Otherwise, have some russian genie.

I can’t imagine how creepy that “Friend Like Me” song will be with the CG they have for this movie. I predict it will be nightmare fuel.

Provided it’s kept for the movie. I don’t know if Will Smith can pull of this song as well as Robin Williams though.


Space Doggity
I was watching Twisted the other day. I think it's a much better alternative to anything Aladdin-related that Disney currently shits out. At least it's funny and something new.

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