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Screw Danlon

I ❤️ Snailslime
So, this may be cheating, because I personally love this album in a ”So awful it’s great” kind of way, but everyone else I’ve shown it to has wanted to murder me, so I’m counting it.

I really enjoy covers of songs, finding new ones is kind of a thing. I’ve found good ones, bad ones, boringly mediocre ones, and then there’s... this:
The Pun-Colle ~ Voice Actresses' Legendary Punk Songs Collection.
Including (among others) Sex & Violence, Ruby Soho, Blitzkreig Bop, Basket Case, Pretty Fly for a White Guy, and an ok Anarchy in the UK.
Playlist for your... enjoyment?

Midlife Sperglord

Sperging over console gaming.
I remember once, when I was a young child, I purchased a CD of Holst’s The Planets, not really reading the cover. It turned out it was not done with an orchestra, it was done with bad synthesizers and it sounded kinda like a MIDI performance.
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Sir Wesley Tailpipe
The title of "Worst album ever recorded" usually goes to "Philosophy of the World" by the Shaggs, but I don't think it qualifies because:

a) it was made by amateurs
b) it was, perhaps uniquely, the only professionally released album made by people who didn't want to be musicians. Frank Zappa said that this made "Philosophy of the World" a unique piece of outsider art and I find it hard to disagree with him.

Instead, I vote for "Hulk Rules" by Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band:


Unlike the Shaggs, everyone involved in this monstrosity was a paid professional doing this by their own choice. This album had an ACTUAL PRODUCER who presumably listened to this and decided "yes, this is good enough to release". Every song is uniquely painful to listen to in its own way, but the choice cut is "Hulkster in Heaven", a tribute to an actual dead child and Hulk Hogan fan so awful that if I were the child in question I would rise from my grave out of spite and haunt Hulk Hogan for the rest of his life like something out of a J-Horror film.

See how far you can get into this song:

Edit: My SO made it to 1:27 before she demanded I turn it off. It's nearly 5 minutes long.
Said producer being Jimmy “The Mouth of The South” Hart, a longtime Hogan parasite, explains a lot about the album.

Does Chinese Democracy count
The insanely elongated gestation period definitely makes the album qualify.

If it had come out in 1999 as initially expected, it would have been cutting edge in some ways, but still disappointing.

Coming out in 2010 made anything on it that would have been novel long out of style. Axl made his magnum opus obsolete by not just putting it out when he finished it, and the long delay, which ironically included THREE world tours before the album finally limped into stores, built hype that nothing could ever have met.
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