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Alex Jones does a Q&A session with Donald Trump’s largest fan community

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  1. Full Story: Alex Jones does a Q&A session with Donald Trump’s largest fan community

    Alex Jones is internationally famous for being one of the largest names in the conspiracy world. Often dismissed as being a lunatic, he saw tremendous growth in his fanbase when he became one of of the first personalities to publicly endorse Donald J Trump for president. Articles on Trump being the “best choice for President” exist on his site going back to the middle of 2015, but the man himself remained skeptical of Trump’s victory even during the final moments of election night.

    He sat behind his desk in the early hours of November 9th, the electoral map behind him indicating that Trump has mathematically secured his win and is now President-Elect of the United States. His brow stayed furrowed in disbelief and he sat shaking his head, repeatedly claiming that the Globalists would not allow him to win.


    Fortunately for Jones, the Globalists lost that particular fight, and due to his loyalty to the President, Trump’s voting electorate has started embracing the controversial figure. /r/The_Donald, the largest online Trump fan community, welcomed him for his second “AMA” today. His questions, as always, remained true to the spirit of Infowars and provided a glimpse into the perspective of Alex Jones.

    Some choice answers from the event are:

    Alex Jones claims that the elite politicians are trying to eradicate humanity.

    Q. “What is the biggest conspiracy that you have covered over the past couple of decades that even YOU thought couldn’t be true, but that turned out to be real?”

    A. “The elite believe that they are communicating with interdemensional creatures and they believe that they have to kill everyone to get to the super-technology. The psychopath cosmology is not to have kids and live on through them but that you must kill and enslave people to get ahead. Prove you’re evil, prove you’re hateful – you’re just this God killing everyone.”

    Alex Jones claims he has always believed in the child-abuse conspiracy theory called #Pizzagate, despite media lies that he does not.

    Q. “In 2011, Andrew Breitbart tweeted about John Podesta’s ties to pedophilia. However, at times, you have dismissed Pizzagate. Can you explain your thoughts on John Podesta, Comet Ping Pong, and pedophilia in Washington, D.C.?”

    A. “This is what the media does, because of what we’ve seen with every other thing that they’ve misrepresented over and over again. Over 10,000 emails came out from Podesta, talking about kids in hot tubs and hot dogs referring to exploited kids. The media is trying to create disinformation and covering it all up because their may be many top officials implicated in Pizza Gate.
    “I don’t necessarily believe that specific pizza places are necessarily hiding kids in their basements, these stories may be creating disinformation to discredit Pizza Gate.”

    Alex Jones claims that they are close to having White House Press Credentials, but are being stifled by opposition, and he’s reluctant to be in Washington D.C. at all.

    Q. “Any plans on getting an InfoWars person in the White House Press Room for the daily briefings?”

    A. “I talked to senior Trump people and they said they want Paul Watson there in DC. I’m not trying to go to DC, but they want us there. The media lies and says the WH revoked our credentials but we haven’t been issued them yet. We are in the process of building a DC bureau though but this stuff isn’t cheap and they are trying to censor us.”

    Alex Jones claims that Steve Jobs was an anti-Globalist that was murdered for his beliefs.

    Q. “I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast with Joe Rogan. Why do you think Apple took it down during the first week? What forces are in play in that decision making process?”

    A. “Steve Jobs wouldn’t even let his kids have iPads for starters. Steve Jobs was murdered on record because he knew about the Globalist plans. Joe Rogan brought up how they killed people, so they blocked and censored it.”

    Alex Jones claims the success to securing good interviews is to have a good spirit with good energy.

    Q. “In 2015, you scored bombshell interviews with Donald Trump and Matt Drudge. Can you reveal how you landed these interviews?”

    A. “It’s not about who I am, they came to us. Trump just wants to connect to a spirit who is good. He needs the energy, that’s why he keeps holding rallies. They (Globalists/Elite) hate the fact that every night President Trump stays up for hours listening to me and Drudge and Rush and others. They hate people being happy, they hate the family, they hate anything good. This is real, this isn’t a game, there aren’t many people who can handle the level of attack when you go after this stuff.”

    A full list of Alex Jones’s comments can be found on his Reddit profile, /u/AlexJonesInfowarrior.

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  2. I did not realize this would post to the news area. Oops.
  3. Thanks for summarizing the key points so we would not have to wade through pages and pages of "turning the frogs gay" and "I'm human and I'm coming" and "1776 will commence again" shitposts in the reddit thread.
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  4. Steve Jobs being an anti-globalist is even crazier than the UFO shit.
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  5. I wonder what Alex Jones did in the Bohemian Grove.
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  6. :story:

    Dude needs to stop reading Warhammer 40K fluff
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  7. It's good to know in these uncertain times that Alex Jones remains himself; a bona-fide fuckin' lunatic.

    Never change, fat man. HAIL HYDRA!
    Jill Kews

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  8. Pretty much typical for Conspriacow Alex Jones. I'm pretty sure at this point if Trump asked Alex for a blowjob he would comply without question.
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  9. No mention of what the queers are doing to the soil. Sad!
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  10. I trust all of this more than something Don Lemon, or the other various degenerate news anchors, would say.
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  11. He's a fake, he airs his show on IHeartMedia which is owned by multi-national corporation Bain Capital, which conflicts with his "anti-globalist NWO corporations" shtick; so to some extent he knows he's full of shit but knows he can make good money with his schick because people who watch the media today care less about truth than entertainment value. It also means the "NWO corporations" are so non-threatened by him that they flat out give him a job.

    Hell I can't think of many of these commentators who aren't full of shit; such as Bill Maher serving as a board member of PETA (who compares eating meat to murder), but admitting he eats meat himself. Or Rage Against the Machine who claim to be Marxists, but work for a multi-billion dollar music corporation.
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  12. Alex is right on the details, but his feeble mind assumes the oppressors to be human. Hint: why does it say "Let us create man in our image" if there's one, benevolent god?
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