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Alex Sidella / sidella / ob1kenobi434Hates Tevin, changed his name to avoid slight negative attention

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by SoapQueen1, Jul 7, 2018.

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no one can help you

  1. I'd originally seen people discussing Sidella as a result of him being essentially a DSP parrot and having a hateboner for trolls, in particular focused on Tevin for some reason. He was the one who made the excellent "north american monkey" reference.

    [2018-05-03 21:51:30 UTC] sidella434: This guy is a troll like Tevin
    [2018-05-05 01:57:31 UTC] sidella434: it was almighttty tevin Kappa
    [2018-05-07 20:30:04 UTC] sidella434: Tevin is a creepy old man
    [2018-05-07 20:30:53 UTC] sidella434: Tevin will soon die due to smoking
    [2018-05-07 20:33:17 UTC] sidella434: Tevin is a guy that Nolstasicbrony like to watch
    [2018-05-07 20:35:41 UTC] sidella434: That's Tevin Kappa
    [2018-05-07 20:40:04 UTC] sidella434: Tevin look like a hairy monkey
    [2018-05-07 20:45:32 UTC] sidella434: Tevin a hoboo
    [2018-05-07 20:47:36 UTC] sidella434: Tevin is a scum
    [2018-05-07 21:01:05 UTC] sidella434: Tevin is from transexualvania Kappa
    [2018-05-07 22:25:43 UTC] sidella434: I heard Tevin Has a cockcage
    [2018-05-07 22:35:53 UTC] sidella434: @A_Walrus_in_Heat I wish Thanos can erese Tevin
    [2018-05-08 01:39:44 UTC] sidella434: we got Almighty Tevin in the air
    [2018-05-08 02:09:08 UTC] sidella434: Tevin likes Brony
    [2018-05-08 02:10:52 UTC] sidella434: Tevin is mad jack from hheavy rain
    [2018-05-08 02:39:14 UTC] sidella434: Tevin made a dodo
    [2018-05-08 17:04:31 UTC] sidella434: Tevin will probobly do his thing
    [2018-05-08 17:51:32 UTC] sidella434: Tevin is a monkey a north american monkey
    [2018-05-10 02:28:00 UTC] sidella434: Tevin love to wate his life on stream LUL
    [2018-05-10 02:28:31 UTC] sidella434: Tevin waste his pathetic life
    [2018-05-10 02:29:08 UTC] sidella434: Tevin is a black guy who sersetly love phil dick

    At the end of May while streaming he got raided and didn't take it well, deciding to outright change his Twitch username to avoid the danger he perceived. He claimed to be worried about getting swatted. He of course immediately started telling people he was sidella434 defeating the whole point. I believe DSP also connected the two usernames together essentially immediately.
    [2018-06-06 16:53:09 UTC] sidella434: WHAT happend cpz ii was trolled last night my stream got raided
    [2018-06-06 16:55:38 UTC] sidella434: i was on my ps4 streaming i got va raid with troll i was scard i was getting swatted
    [2018-06-06 17:00:26 UTC] sidella434: cant believe I got trolled last nighty by trolls
    [2018-06-06 17:04:32 UTC] sidella434: stupid god dam trollls
    [2018-06-06 17:13:04 UTC] sidella434: i got trolled clast night some one raided my strreamm with troolls
    [2018-06-06 17:24:24 UTC] sidella434: this is a hell of a weak last night i got raided from trolls when i was was streaming from my ps4 now this happen internet so full of bad druma
    [2018-06-06 17:39:49 UTC] ob1kenobi434: @theycallmejimbob I change my name sine i was streaming from my ps4 and i got trolled by a raid
    [2018-06-06 17:48:40 UTC] ob1kenobi434: @Kinggoken and I got raided from streaming on my ps4 n i got trolled
    [2018-06-06 17:50:28 UTC] ob1kenobi434: @katexo234 its me sidella i change my name coz i got raided from streaming on ps4 n i got trolled
    [2018-06-06 17:51:53 UTC] ob1kenobi434: @katexo234 maybe the trolls who troll my stream is responsible
    [2018-06-06 17:53:02 UTC] ob1kenobi434: @katexo234 and im fuc k i n g pissed that i got trolls last night i dont wana be swatted
    [2018-06-06 17:54:43 UTC] ob1kenobi434: @katexo234 I got raided last night and trolls say i am exceptional and mean stuuf do you think ps4 is safe to stream coz i dont wana put my famuily in danger
    [2018-06-06 18:00:13 UTC] ob1kenobi434: me neither @DarksydePhil I got seriely trolled n i think today is sidella434 last day here on twitch
    [2018-06-06 18:38:19 UTC] ob1kenobi434: cheer25 I feel for you. coz last night I stream on ps4 and I got raided full with trolls saying i am exceptional, im gonna
    kill you sidella and Im scared that im gonna get hacked or worse do you think streaming from ps4 is safe? Because I dont want put my family in danger
    [2018-06-06 18:46:40 UTC] ob1kenobi434: :( I blame all this fuc ki n g trolls
    [2018-06-06 18:53:53 UTC] ob1kenobi434: cheer25 I feel bad for you, because you get swatted, DDOX trolls troll you I really really feel really bad for you man :( hopfully everything will go back to the way it was
    [2018-06-06 21:53:10 UTC] ob1kenobi434: Trolls ruin my life
    [2018-06-06 21:59:46 UTC] ob1kenobi434: Trolls will be trolls
    [2018-06-06 22:14:02 UTC] ob1kenobi434: Trolls
    [2018-06-06 22:53:54 UTC] ob1kenobi434: @metalgearex9000 hoping i can come because i was trolled
    [2018-06-06 22:56:10 UTC] ob1kenobi434: byee everyone I duno if i stream due to trolls
    [2018-06-06 23:04:08 UTC] ob1kenobi434: U would be trolled
    [2018-06-06 23:05:41 UTC] ob1kenobi434: Bullies n trolls need to relized we as humans are sensitive
    [2018-06-06 23:07:20 UTC] ob1kenobi434: @AmariswolfGaming trolls are sick ententil ill people needed to go to a mental hospital thinking that a troll can be mean
    [2018-06-07 01:58:06 UTC] ob1kenobi434: @jakelikescats I made this coz I got raided with trolls while broadcast on ps4
    [2018-06-07 17:35:01 UTC] ob1kenobi434: yt are for trolls
    [2018-06-07 17:43:39 UTC] ob1kenobi434: all those stupid trolls video
    [2018-06-08 17:50:12 UTC] ob1kenobi434: I suffer from depression n the trolls dont help me
    [2018-06-08 18:22:18 UTC] ob1kenobi434: Change my name coz of the trolls iu had

    TLDR: I made this because a three things made him funny to me personally and the furry/Tony the Tiger thing was the tipping point where I decided to do the work.

    His brother or cousin Nikolas "Nik", his dead grandma, and Alex.
    sidella grandmother.png
    Possibly actual tard.

    Possible Address:
    13061 Parkside Terrace
    Cooper City FL 33330-2643
    1 story, 3,488 sq ft home on 28,023 sq ft lot. Valued at $718,088.
    Swamp ass
    Real estate under mom's name, false alarm it's a business address:
    5220 S University Dr Unit C-205
    Davie, FL 33328
    Valued at $198,900-$272,900

    Birthdate 1991-07-10

    Probably-ex girlfriend:

    Some random on ROBLOX that hated him I guess:

    Mom, Diana Santa Maria, is a fucking defense attorney lil.
    https://www.santamarialaw.net/ (archive)

    I believe this is the father, Brian, in the middle:
    He's trying to convince people they can stay young forever. Cosmetic surgery, that's the thing, and stuff.

    https://medicalspamd.com/the-blog/2...della-founder-of-forever-young-medspa-in.html (archive)
    https://foreveryoungmedspa.us/our-staff/ (archive)

    Brother, Nick Sidella, is a musician and at one point possibly currently was in two bands, The Grizzly Atoms and Sad Halen.
    https://www.songtradr.com/nick.sidella (archive)
    I don't mind the music. I don't have much in the way of taste to be fair.
    https://www.facebook.com/nik.sidella?lst=100002000901204:510925412:1531014451 (archive)
    Apparently works for West Orange public high school.

    Grandmother, Patricia Sidella, is dead. Grandfather, Rocco, appears to be as well.
    https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/patricia-sidella-obituary?pid=181912972&view=guestbook (archive)

    Someone named Ariella Sidella, probably a cousin, who I might fuck:

    Don't know much about this guy, but An1337 on YouTube linked to this:

    Constantly talked about sex and shit under his old Twitch account.

    I guess he had a thing for Tony the Tiger?
    All I could find in chat logs:
    https://overrustlelogs.net/Darksydephil chatlog/February 2018/userlogs/sidella434#107247-107303
    [2018-02-21 04:46:29 UTC] sidella434: sexy tigerer Kappa
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    #1 SoapQueen1, Jul 7, 2018
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  2. I just realized:

    DSP is going to wake up to this after his day off.
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  3. That furry image is fucking murdering me right now, This man predicted the Tony shit 3 years ago, next lvl.
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    Love And Terror

    Love And Terror Woof, Woof.

  4. Apparently he was getting quote unquote death threats on Twitch/PSN so he changed his Twitch from sidella to ob1kenobi434. Of course, Phil then negated the effect of this name change by immediately doxing him as sidella on stream when he cheered.

    God I'd be pissed if my kid gave my hard earned bits-I mean dollars-to someone like Philip Burnell.
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    Brian Butterfield

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  5. The identities of Phil's fans continues to not surprise anyone.

    I have some questions:

    I'm guessing the "Hates Tevin" thing is racial. Was Sidella the one that called him a 'monkey' or something? Every name in the OP is Italian: Sidella, Delvecchio, Sedall, Sciolino. I've sorta gathered that Italians are a vocal lot when it comes to their negative feelings about other races.

    How the hell did he end up in a relationship with a woman who appears to be twice his age? One of the guys that got doxed in the Chris Chan Alogs thread turned out to be a young guy involved with a mothering older woman. Are there older woman who see sorta-functioning younger men and want to mother them? Is this a common thing?

    Was the 'Bill Cunningham Show' picture a joke about Sidella's Twitter argument with his girlfriend? That kinda lost me.
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  6. That's who his girlfriend was sending a "please help" tweet to lol. That's when you know there's a problem with your relationship.

    Updating the OP with why I'd thought he was funny other than the recent Facebook screenshot. I literally forgot and had to go look it up.
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  7. Yeah, Sidella was the one that called Tevin a hairy monkey among other racial comments about him.

    [2018-05-07 20:28:18 UTC] sidella434: Almighty is a dirtbag
    [2018-05-07 20:29:03 UTC] sidella434: Almighty black panther u are a troll an evil black panther
    [2018-05-07 20:30:04 UTC] sidella434: Tevin is a creepy old man
    [2018-05-07 20:30:53 UTC] sidella434: Tevin will soon die due to smoking
    [2018-05-07 20:33:17 UTC] sidella434: Tevin is a guy that Nolstasicbrony like to watch
    [2018-05-07 20:35:08 UTC] sidella434: Tevenn has nothing better to do then smoke and make fun of u he a troll wasted life
    [2018-05-07 20:35:41 UTC] sidella434: That's Tevin Kappa
    [2018-05-07 20:36:43 UTC] sidella434: KH3v secret boss almighty Tevein Kappa
    [2018-05-07 20:38:17 UTC] sidella434: Teven is brock obama
    [2018-05-07 20:39:06 UTC] sidella434: Teven is mansex from kh2
    [2018-05-07 20:40:04 UTC] sidella434: Tevin look like a hairy monkey
    [2018-05-07 20:45:32 UTC] sidella434: Tevin a hoboo
    [2018-05-07 20:47:36 UTC] sidella434: Tevin is a scum
    [2018-05-07 21:01:05 UTC] sidella434: Tevin is from transexualvania Kappa
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  8. Not sure why he would call Tevin a monkey when despite the fact that Sidella is white and Tevin is black, the former looks a lot more like a monkey than the later.
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  9. At first I was like: "Yeah this must be his mom", until I read the text above (and spilled my coffee).
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  10. Re-opened because some people expressed interest.
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  11. Here is a link to what 'COACH Syndrome' is, that he admitted to having after Kozatof's recent 'bullying'.
    It's a genetic disease, "Individuals have mental exceptionalism (moderate according to Wikipedia), liver problems (fibrosis), difficulty with movement (ataxia). Some may have abnormality of the eye (coloboma) or abnormal eye movements."
    It is considered a rare form of Joubert Syndrome https://rarediseases.info.nih.gov/diseases/6802/joubert-syndrome

    So, as per OP, not a "possible actual tard". Just an actual tard.
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  12. The face of DSP's fanbase.
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    Ratko_Falco Remove them everywhere

  13. [​IMG]

    DSP really is incredibly talented at taking advantage of the disabled.
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  14. I have yet to see any of DSP's fans who look like they haven't lost some chromosomes and can't find them. This reinforces the idea that I never will.
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  15. I do agree. There is the DSP fans thread that this and the austmink thread could be rolled into.

    Of that group, Sidella's kinda got the most potential to be interesting, at least for the time being. Seriously, that ex-girlfriend/mother thing needs to be investigated.

    Sidella in particular may as well have a separate thread til he's lost his cow potential (it may be I've gotten some rose-coloured glasses since losing the thread, and now I'm making excuses to keep it).
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  16. Moved a bunch of posts whining about the thread. Some people like it, some people don't, I get it. If people are really upset I can make a new thread without the dox. Sidella became a frequent topic so he probably deserves some thread.

    Democracy in progress: vote at the top: keep thread or doxless thread.
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  17. Given the choice, gonna vote doxless in light of the actual mental problem from his genetic disease. It doesn't excuse his racism, but I think it mitigates things (in my opinion).

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  18. I was there for the 'raid'

    It consisted of Sidella streaming with commentary for a few mins before he looked at chat and say people calling each other 'north american apes' and the like. Essentially using the same words he used just before (He streamed after Phils stream and it was the Phil stream he was saying this).

    Tevin kind of organised this 'raid', i dont think he explicitly said to raid, but he didnt say not to and just restreamed it with commentary like how he does DSP. In fairness to Tevin, he sometimes browses DSP orbiters when theyre streaming to have a bit of a laugh (popsicolo, kekon) so take this as you want.

    It was overall very tame and Sidella just reenacted his idol (DSP) by banning people, turning off his mic and then eventually closing the stream before bitching in his chat and DSPs.

    Maybe he channelled a bit of his inner Wings there too
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  19. Mental deficiency is not an excuse for being a racist asshole. If he wants to take that path on the internet I say let him get as good as he gives.
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  20. TYSM!!

    I laughed way, way too hard at that...

    ('tism indeed)
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