Orbiter Alex Sidella / sidella / ob1kenobi434 - Hates Tevin, changed his name to avoid slight negative attention, sitebanned from Twitch over and over again

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Looks like Sidella (currently aka Vincent444) got into some extra spicy grape juice tonight:

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Mom and Dad are gonna have to make sure the maid puts the sugary drinks on a higher shelf from now on.
I agree with Sidella. Maybe the bike did fuck a guy's asshole like in the movie Bruno.

Keep in mind the assembled bike was only ever in contact with one male, Philip Burnell.


Does Sidella even give dark money anymore? I never hear him get mentioned, I don’t know why he’s tossed so many paypigs and whales aside but refuses to turn his back on this one actual mental person.

Like this man is tweeting him talking about how a guy in a twitch chat made him depressed and cry....I’d be so uncomfortable giving this kinda person attention...