Orbiter Alex Sidella / sidella / ob1kenobi434 - Hates Tevin, changed his name to avoid slight negative attention, sitebanned from Twitch over and over again

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I thought he was IP banned? Or is avoiding bans from Twitch as easy as creating a new account and keeping a low profile?
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Nah. Although this incoherent rambling still ranks as pretty illiterate, it's without the major vocabulary/ grammatical quips that Sidella has become cow-worthy for.
Could be a faker, but it's responding and shitting to this random Twitter "fan" account at around the same time Vincent did last time. People also said Vincent's Twitter posts were too literate to be him at first.

edit: Aaaand... account deleted.
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vincent's account got banned

he cheered dave saying "this is my new account, the trolls mass reported me and I got banned"

anyone know what happened lul
He's ban evading, making threats against others, and making suicidal threats, literally all of which are against Twitch TOS. How he's not been IP-banned is beyond me. I'd bet he's past 2 dozen account names now.


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Sidella is so sad that JakeLikesCat called him a young girl stalker


Well let's see, Sidella just left this message on this 18 years old girl from England who NEVER replied his constant tweet replies even once.........

2020-02-01 (1).png
2020-02-01 (3).png

and btw, she has 60K followers and MOST OF THEM ARE KIDS UNDER 12, So Sidella fits right in with his 5 year old wheelchair brain

2020-02-01 (2).png

What can I say, Sidella is that gift that keeps on giving, but he sure is looking like to lose a FRIEND who never talked to him..........

2020-02-01 (4).png