Orbiter Alex Sidella / sidella / ob1kenobi434 - Hates Tevin, changed his name to avoid slight negative attention, sitebanned from Twitch over and over again

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That's some edgy shit. It's not his fault his parents faulty genes spewed out a r.tard, guys.
No but it is his parents' fault for allowing him to survive into adulthood. Can you imagine how many golden opportunities this kid has given them over the years to just... put an end to his suffering by just "looking the other way" for a few seconds?

All the things in life that pose an immediate & fatal threat to a person this stupid. Playgrounds..crosswalks.. walls.. cords.. toilets & sinks (let alone bathtubs).. slightly steep inclines.. spoons.. sand castles.. bubble gum.. pillows.. stairs.. fucking crayons.. This guy is a fucking Darwin Award with arms & legs.

No way that asshole made it this long without help. But I guess I shouldn't have such lofty expectations of his parents. People don't claw their way out of their mothers espousing death threats & hard-r N-bombs..

And if he didn't learn his behavior from his parents, then he learned it from unfettered access to & unmonitored free range of the internet, so he is still their fault. At the very least, I get to call them assholes for giving that little mongoloid the Wifi password.

I revile suicide-baiters, & I have zero use for rètards on my radar if they aren't funny. I just can't comprehend being so objectively unnecessary to the ecosystem that you're even regarded as cancer in a DSP chat room...

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Is that tard trying to say Al-Qaeda?

With his keyboard & his forehead, apparently.

Edit: The full breadth of that sentence took a few hours to sink in.. but it sank.

Little Suicidella thinks that Al-Qaeda is a location. Like on a map.

...A location in which you will find roving gangs of ISIS (the ultimate trolls), should you ever be so inclined to travel there.

Seriously.. this kid... he's a barely-sentient human tumor.
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What. The. Fuck.
Like... What the fuck?
How is this okay? How is this real?
If you want proof that God exists, just look at dsp's chat, and see what it looks like when God has abandoned you.
This is... Not okay. Does he donate to Phil? Because that's straight up taking money from the mentally handicapped.
Must be your first day, welcome to the subforum.

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Sidella is the best thing about Phil's streams lately. Don't scare him off.
Scare him off? ? ?

He's currently shitting up the internet under his like, 119th Twitch ban evasion. If you're enjoying the Sidella Show, you have nothing to worry about. He isn't going anywhere, ever. The only thing that will ever keep him out of Freedom Chat is wandering onto the interstate & taking an 18-wheeler to the face.