Orbiter Alex Sidella / sidella / ob1kenobi434 - Hates Tevin, changed his name to avoid slight negative attention, sitebanned from Twitch over and over again


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Can someome translate this or give me context which makes me understanf what he wants to know? (I do know the video clip it comes from)
Cafe Leblanc -- apparently (from googling) some kind of Persona/Kingdom hearts crossover.
11 year old Ninetails -- The kid that Phil pussed out on and ran away from in VRChat had a ninetails avatar.
Mickey Mouse Club Hot Dog Song:


Prince Lotor

. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
I hope the next troll is named "tevincent".
Holy shit, dude. Sidella trolled himself.
Wait, so does Alex read Kiwi Farms? Does Alex actively read his own thread? Hi Alex :)
Those dimly lit videos you posted of yourself with half your face smashed into your bed to hide that your eyes point different directions haunts my nightmares. Nah, I'm just kidding dood, my nightmares are about other stuff. Still very creepy though. Good luck with your chronic ataxia.

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Is Phil so blind he read "they keep tryin to get my banned" as "they keep tryin to get my bandana"? Like he even warns Sidella not to do anything ban worthy while he's trying to "trigger the trolls" and he still can't contextualize 'banned' correctly and thinks the trolls keep trying to IRL take Alex's bandana like it's some gang shit :\ WTF? Go get your glasses Phil :geek:
There's an option to add a red bandanna around any emote offered on Twitch currently now and Phil is trying to quip about it with the international bloods day punchline after telling Alex not to make racial posts due to bait, so the irony meter has exploded.