Orbiter Alex Sidella / sidella / ob1kenobi434 - Hates Tevin, changed his name to avoid slight negative attention, sitebanned from Twitch over and over again

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Nov 25, 2018
In case anybody missed it from a few days ago, discord leaks show what Phil really thinks of Sidella.



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Jan 2, 2018
"Ummmmm there's so many trolls saying that some moron leaked messages that apparently I banned Sidella.................WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Those morons just like to make up things to make me look bad! I actually just spoke with Sidella recently and he has been BUSY PREVENTING CORONAVIRUS, okay????????"


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The mentally disabled boy named his rabbit Bunny.
Jan 19, 2018
If someone's going to interview Alex probably the most relevant thing to ask him about is how he started out as a fan, then after the KHs 1 incident his friend convinced him to not give Phil any money and his friend went full detractor, ask him why around Thanksgiving 2017 he started "sympathizing with Phil again", and his thoughts about losing that friend when he started giving Phil money again in June 2018.

If I remember that's when Phil really went apeshit with the 'If I don't get this money I WILL lose my house!' begging. Could be interesting to explain to Alex how Phil was never ever in danger of losing his house.
Perhaps a commentary on plastic surgery and the American "health" system in general, Brian Sidella isn't a doctor, but a "former “C” level executive with over 20 years experience in sales and marketing who always wanted to own my own business".

Everyone in this thread (with the exception of Jarred Kimmet) is an Italian in the ritzy Fort Lauderdale area.

In the furry screencap in the OP, for example, Toni Sedall is Alex Sidella's cousin.

Jesse Sciolino, the one seen praising furries, is a furry lets-player named NostalgicBrony, holding the requisite accounts on Furaffinty and Deviantart. (As an aside, two Youtube channels he follows are WingOfRedemption "Detractor" channels. Clearly this circle knows what a Lolcow is). His LinkedIn claims Hollywood, Florida as his location, the residence of Caitlin Delvecchio. And on Jesse's FaceBook can be found a couple pics with Sidella.

I was curious about Jarred's lengthy list of Alt-Right Likes on his FaceBook. Jarred went to school at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School, the sight of the Parkland Shooting. Many atheist, anti-religious groups as well as school safety groups are listed as well. I'm guessing after the massacre at the school he left shortly before, he became a embittered atheist. So the interest in the Alt-Right is prolly personal and not telling of the political interests of this social milieu.

Yeah, I saw this too. I gather "Harry_My_Love21" is a girl by the name of Emily Cieziki. Emily is a huge Harry Styles (some British Justin Bieber or something) fan. Sidella had a relationship with Emily that he considered somewhat intimate, and ended with this rebuke that he was no longer going to take her to the Spongebob movie. I believe the "You're turning me gay" was an insult at Emily declaiming he was through with women because of her. The @s of Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, a similar Harry Styles creation, blamed them for the unstable fangirl he was denouncing.

Did you know?: Alex's brother Nick is a singer/songwriter/musician? You can watch him here with a heartfelt cover of Nirvana'a Lithium

BTW, this Jesse fellow apparently tried to talk Sidella away from Phil. He claims he was successful, but that Sidella went back to Phil and cut off friendship with Jesse. His 8 post thread starts here: https://twitter.com/NostalgicBrony/status/1017195858755014661

Also, looking at his twitter, I'd say Jesse is a full-on detractor.
Wow so he legit lost a good real life friend of 6 years all because of Phil. Also, LOL at him getting fired.
Also please ask him about his "rocky balbora monolauge" from his "emotinal acting tenique" class. If you can get him to deliver a rendition of said monologue that would be legendary.
CTRL-F is a god damn goldmine for this shit tier stream chat.

Here's a fun convo between sidella and Anony:

I would pay top fucking dollar to hear that rocky balbora speach. I think it's fucking great that these are the type of people that Phil keeps around.
Okay now I'm just trying to reconcile that voice and difficulty 'speaching' with fucking acting classes and my brain just keeps sending back an ERROR message :O
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