Dramacow Alex Vidal / Alessandro Connor Vidal / AsrielDr33murr / Crayonization / CZation / Ashe826 - "Trans lesbian" wolfkin. Likes little girls' breasts and wishes he were "a cute virgin cis female". "I'm 150IQ"


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Alex Vidal / Alessandro Connor Vidal / Ashe Akira / Charlotte / AsrielDr33murr / Crayonization / Wolfette / CZation / Ashe826

Basic information
Have you ever wished you were a cute virgin "cis" female so that you could have a cute girl deflower you? Alessandro "Alex" Connor Vidal (troon name: Ashe Akira or Charlotte; also known as Wolfette, Crayonization, AsrielDr33murr, Czation and Ashe826) has! At the tender age of 18 years old, Alex is already a full-fledged "trans lesbian" wolf kin (archive.md) who spends much time sharing his sexual escapades and fantasies on Reddit, complaining about his parents, getting into drama and, when not sperging online, going to his favorite BDSM club and filming himself shoving dragon dildos up his ass (which he then goes on to post online).

Sexual degeneracy
As mentioned earlier, much of his free time is spent posting about his sexual escapes and fantasies (often in relation to his autogynephilia). Some high lights in his professional sex fantasy powerlevelling career:
– Bad dragon dildo​
– Dildo collection https://imgur.com/gallery/QdhNf6L
– Pornhub/bad dragon shirts https://imgur.com/gallery/tPqfArJ

Alex has been on HRT therapy for about two months now, and him being trans is something he feels very strongly about. To illustrate further how passionate he is about the subject, allow me to highlight some of my favorite examples of him reaching peak trans:
To say that Alex doesn't get along well with his (economically not-so-well off) family is an understatement; many are the times when he took to Reddit to rant about his "narcissistic" parents. Here are a few examples:
Alex is (or at least used to be) a big fan of the game Osu. He is also equally as much of a fan of stirring up drama, and in a rather short amount of time, he has managed to become the number one public enemy of the Osu community:
Much like a lot of other snowflakes, Alex is an e-beggar. However, he is not very good at it:
Social media links
https://www.deviantart.com/czation (https://archive.md/w0Xad)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AsrielDr33murr/ (https://archive.md/w9nuc)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashe826/ (Waybackmachine)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AsrielDreemurr (https://archive.md/lnnid)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/crayonization/posts/ (https://archive.md/6yEJC)
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/czation (https://my.mixtape.moe/fairpc.png)
Tumblr: https://askcrayonization.tumblr.com (https://archive.md/4GQAL)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolfieTwit (https://archive.md/YM3jG)
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/MTF_AsrielDreemurr/videos (https://my.mixtape.moe/qtxysb.png)
Wikia (yes, he actually made his own Wikia): http://crayonization.wikia.com/wiki/Crayonization_Wiki (Waybackmachine)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWE_vT31_J6ZAUpu1cy-2fw (https://archive.md/GslZb)

Other information/links
February 1, 2000 (18 years old).
Locations: San Antonio, Texas and Hollywood, Florida
Lolcow.farm: https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/682953.html (https://archive.md/HZpgc)

Edit: https://old.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/9eayy2/i_had_another_great_experience_with_a_trans_woman/

Why do all of his accounts of sexual experiences read like a bad porno?
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He's e-begging again, this time because he can't buy large buffalo fries https://old.reddit.com/r/Assistance/comments/9fvaup/help_me_get_some_large_buffalo_fries/
+ https://www.gofundme.com/y4p6ug-buy-me-some-large-buffalo-fries

How about you buy your own fast food? I'm surprised he managed to get as much as $9.

He also had gay anal sex with his boyfriend, sorry, 100 % lesbian sex with her girlfriend for the first time last Monday https://old.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/9ggyu0/nsfw_just_did_anal_for_the_first_time_and_managed/

What he is describing is two males having sex, and yet he seems convinced it was lesbian sex because the two people involved in the act call their penises "lady cocks".
Good lord. I have never been so close to laughing, crying, and throwing up at the same time.
And he is quite young to boot. Troon ideology is one hell of a drug

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being able to set up a crowdfunding campaign for $9 worth of fast food + fast food money for friends + money for a romantic dinner date to KFC while looking at all the other campaigns on gofundme for legitimate, serious situations is a whole new level of unselfawareness.

also i kinda feel bad for the people in /r/mtf having to see this guy post about every sexual experience he has with random trans girls in graphic, shitty fanfic-level detail. do you think he knows that not all trans women are transitioning because it’s their weird gross fetish?


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Can't believe I forgot about this trainwreck. Luckily, "Ashe" is the gift that keeps on giving

Okay, so he's not dating men, but just about a month ago, he was describing how he and his male (trans-identifying) friend had had gay sex for the first time and posted pictures of the guy giving him a hand job. He is, in the literal sense of the word, in a gay male relationship.

"I was gendered as “sir” in subway", that's because he just looks like a guy with make up ...


I like how the top commenters are calling him a troll despite the fact that he's probably completely serious
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"Is this what being a woman is like?":story:No, mate. This is your brain on autogynephilia

Some non-mentally deranged people showed up and made him angry when they told him he's not a womanolal.png Even some of the "trans females" on r/MtF are skeptical of his sexual adventuresmal.pngThe thread was reposted on r/Gendercritical (needless to say, they are having a field day with it) so he went over there and got himself banned:VxDdPDU.jpgFN6QfSQ.jpg

Edit: https://old.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/a2cbws/im_mildly_pissed_that_i_cant_tuck_in_all_my/
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Guess who spotted his thread.
thread discovered.png

He claims that what's here isn't representative of him today. I like giving people a second chance, so let's try to see if what's listed in the OP is not true anymore.

Did he calm down with oversharing embarrassing sexual fantasies every second of the day? Nope.

lesbian bdsm.png

Did he perhaps take a bit of time to have another view of gender or being transgender that was perhaps sane and non-obsessive? Nope.
He goes from summing up lesbians like this...
lesbians are horny.png

...to saying that cis females have a privilege because they can flash their chest to men for attention...
retarded logic.png

...to want to kill everyone that doesn't agree with him (not to mention he would probably be the first type of person having problems during the Wild West)...
wild west.png

...to searching for gender-affirming chastity belts. Wew lad.
gender affirming chastity belt.png

Rest is already listed in the OP. I see no difference from when the OP was first made, and I gave him a decent chance at redemption here. We'll see about the little commentary video he has planned. For now though he is still as pathetic as when this photo was taken last year. Sorry honey.

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sorry dude, no matter how much you think you’ve changed, you’re still posting long, detailed, gross descriptions of your sexual experiences and probably have made a lot of actual trans women on r/mtf uncomfortable as fuck with your fetishization. Nobody would care about your autogyne lifestyle if you didn’t blast it for everyone to see and subject probably many legitimate trans women to your fantasies and sex life.

BE 911

not a fetish.png

And now resuming our normal programming: Not a fetish - the photo tour.

Plastering porn all over your media and over-sexualizing anime girls: not a fetish.
not a fetish 0.png

Trying to get in the same position of those same over-sexualized anime girls / furry trash and posting photos of yourself in fetish gear and costumes on social media: not a fetish.
not a fetish 1.jpg
maid costume.png

Getting your grandmother to buy you lube and having the complete lube collection from Pornhub: not a fetish.
not a fetish 2.jpg

not a fetish 3.jpg

Plastering your crotch all over social media and having a pornhub account dedicated to your nudes, going against the claim you have gender dysphoria: not a fetish.
not a fetish 5.jpg

I guess I was wrong. Looks like a really healthy trans woman right here, folks. Nothing to see here. Close the thread immediately.
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