Dramacow Alex Vidal / Alessandro Connor Vidal / AsrielDr33murr / Crayonization / CZation / Ashe826 - "Trans lesbian" wolfkin. Likes little girls' breasts and wishes he were "a cute virgin cis female". "I'm 150IQ"


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Alex: "If I was a legitimate pedophile, I'd be locked up by now."

...yeah, here's someone else who said that. Guess where they are now?
Alex must be the Jace Connors of trannies, too many coincidences for him to not be a troll.
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stop tweeting at the cow, you fucking dumbass
Quick edit: Yeah, I'm going to stop tweeting at him. I just honestly worry for him as much as a fucking cow as he is. In this case more worried he's going to have someone say something random and here he come with a knife to the belly at the guy. But meh.

Just a lil tad racist at this point?


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“Were we supposed to have a quote?”
The fact that he says

Really speaks volumes to me.
Yeah, I noticed a similar Freudian slip in his transage announcement.
And let me just get this out of the way, I DO NOT plan to be one of those pedophiles who gets into relationships under the guise of trans age. I will ONLY date above the age of consent, regardless of my mental age. Just figured I'd say this, since people are probably gonna start thinking I'm one of those weird MAP folks, which I'm not.
Did you read that, guys? He does not "plan" on being "one of those" pedophiles. Definitely not "one of those weird MAP folks," no siree! He's just an adult male pretending to be a preteen wolfgirl who's dating another adult male who pretends to be a female kitten (seriously, check his bf's Twitter). Nothing creepy or pedophilic going on there!

Methinks the troon doth protest too much.

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Mr. A. L. Mao

Has the inclinations to...mount women
He "can't exercise because of dysphoria and past trauma", confirmed he got shoved into lockers by big guys :story:

Ironically, if this manlet started eating right and lifting, maybe :optimistic: he could actually get some real true-and-honest woman action, given the relative ease for shorter dudes to bulk up. But tweeting and redditing about us evil kiwis is good too :lol:


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Imagine being a grandma taking your gay autistic grandson to Chili's, and he dresses like this and brings his switch :heart-empty:
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I was like “what Switch” until I saw the red joycon on his lap. How embarrassed do you think his grandma is? I get a Switch is portable, but for dinner with your grandma at Chili’s when you’re fucking 19 years old?

It’s obvious he has one of those weak ass thinks everything is cute grandmas. What he needs is one of the no nonsense will backhand your ass for even looking at her wrong boss ass grandmas.


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There's embarrassing, and then there's bringing your Switch to a restaurant dressed in a Japanese school girl uniform when you're a nineteen-year-old guy
What’s with Trannies and blaming TERFs?
It's much easier for troons to blame TERFs (or society, transphobes, whatever) for everything that's wrong in their lives than looking at themselves in the mirror and realize that most of their problems can be traced back to their shitty personality and behavior. It's not Alex' fault that he gets kicked out of six servers, it's everybody else's fault for not being accepting of his true and honest womanhood.

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Can someone explain to me why so many trans kids are into furry porn/furries in general...I met this guy freshmen year of college who has a “fursona” as his avi on just about all of his social media accounts and would actively post furry porn (featuring his “fursona” ) on FB for the world to see.
I really can't explain it myself. I'm assuming it ties in to the "I'm not happy with my life so instead of improvement I have the world of imagination" complex a huge majority of furries have. If a troon can convince themselves that putting on a dress makes them a ginnywine woman then how much of a jump is it to convince themselves they're some kind of animal spirit or shit like that?