Dramacow Alex Vidal / Alessandro Connor Vidal / AsrielDr33murr / Crayonization / CZation / Ashe826 - "Trans lesbian" wolfkin. Likes little girls' breasts and wishes he were "a cute virgin cis female". "I'm 150IQ"

Aviva's Biotech-Breakdown

What white trash means, is a moral failure.
Yeah, I noticed a similar Freudian slip in his transage announcement.

Did you read that, guys? He does not "plan" on being "one of those" pedophiles. Definitely not "one of those weird MAP folks," no siree! He's just an adult male pretending to be a preteen wolfgirl who's dating another adult male who pretends to be a female kitten (seriously, check his bf's Twitter). Nothing creepy or pedophilic going on there!

Methinks the troon doth protest too much.

Edit: missing word
trans age

Is this a thing? Like dog years? They really just start counting up from when they made the magical decision to become a trans?

Pineapple Fox

For conversations sake
Alex, you figured it out... Lt. Null ordered the artillery battalion (aka the Tranny Killers) to rain down pedophile accusations on you because he needs more money for borscht.
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This is some “Q predicted this” level shit. I really can’t imagine a group of people who shitpost about a game are secretly plotting and gaslighting some random lolcow :story:

Soggy Towel

better than a wet towel
how can a fucking rhythm game have “fascist and right-wing roots”??? I’ve seen the creator be shitty to one of his transgender employees once but come the fuck on. this is the biggest reach to deflect blame on everyone but himself ive ever seen.


oogity boogity boo motherfucker
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how can a fucking rhythm game have “fascist and right-wing roots”??? I’ve seen the creator be shitty to one of his transgender employees once but come the fuck on. this is the biggest reach to deflect blame on everyone but himself ive ever seen.
You obviously have never been apart of the neo-nazi Stepmania chat rooms back in the day.

crab hole

If there's one thing gender critical feminists love to do, it's take marching orders from teenage boys who play rhythm games covered in hentai and loli pics. Damn. How much did we end up paying to Kiwifarms for this pyramid scheme anyway?

This multi-tiered conspiracy is so much more likely than many separate groups all reading Alex's gross posts (ovipositors, shared dog masturbation toys, wishing he were a young girl to be deflowered, liking drawings of children getting fucked is VERY DIFFERENT from sexualizing children IDIOTS, etc.) across multiple disparate subs and recoiling in horror because he's a shitshow of a person. Of course ... that's what we would say, isn't it?

We would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for the 150 IQ.

edit: I wonder how you contextualize your year-long creeper ban from r/actuallesbians, transbian central, Alex? Are the r/AL mods so easily bought off by "transphobes" or is this maybe something you could ruminate on for self-improvement?
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Alberto Balsalm

No Xmas for John Quays
lol jesus, I wish I was being paid to astroturf Alex's stupidity. Fortunately, "manufacturing hit pieces" about him (i.e. posting direct screencaps) isn't nearly as hard as he seems to think it is.

Some comments on that Reddit post:



Meanwhile, Alex is yet again trying to justify being a "lesbian" despite being a bisexual male.


Literally what curves?


"I'm a woman because I say so! Muh feels! I wear a dress therefore peenor is invalidated!

ten seconds later


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Alex's idea of science! starts and ends at whatever self-validating nonsense he's cherry-picked from truscum Youtubers. The theory that gender dysphoria in trans women is linked to feminized (not literally female) physiological development actually doesn't support Alex's transition whatsoever, since people with autism are exposed to an abnormal amount of prenatal androgens and develop hypermasculinized characteristics.

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