Dramacow Alex Vidal / Alessandro Connor Vidal / AsrielDr33murr / Crayonization / CZation / Ashe826 - "Trans lesbian" wolfkin. Likes little girls' breasts and wishes he were "a cute virgin cis female". "I'm 150IQ"


You missed his wallpaper :story:
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There's no "used to look" about it my dude

Alex has a finely tuned straightdar, wonder what he sees in the mirror? :lol:
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Gays in his age group tend to act exceptional, it's not a special thing to be able to point them out. Gaydar isn't real, once you get older and people start acting more like reasonable and level-headed adults then it's not so easy to tell.

Driftveil Gecko

So you and others, presumably, have congregated (discord server probably) to compile information about Alex using Kiwi Farms for the sole purpose of getting him banned from the communities he visits; thus, effectively reducing his tard cum production for his thread. Why?
At this point, you have passed into A-Log territory so either tread lightly or don't tread at all.
I compiled all this information myself, mostly because I wanted to try to get him out of r/osugame, which is the source of my unpleasant experiences with him. I suppose I'll stop trying to get him banned from subreddits now, you're right. I'm new to the site, so reading a bit about "A-Logging" kinda taught me a lesson with regards to going out of my way to ruin their day. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, unironically.




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A "lady" is the last thing that comes to mind when I look at Alex. If he looks like any sort of girl at all, it'd be maybe a few of the weird, kind of spergy anime/art club girls I knew back in middle school. I'm sure you know the type.

Come to think of it, a lot of troons try to make themselves look like people they are attracted to, or people they were attracted to growing up. It's especially evident in Alex here, who won't look around to see that most women don't just casually go out in public in armwarmers and hentai shirts, let alone ones his age.

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Makes a public post about teaching those damn misgendering waitresses that don't deserve a tip for their hard work because they saw Alex as the pedo furry cringelord crossdressing male that he is and not as a lady.
An hour later proceeds to call all openly transgender people attention whores.

it's better than parody, my guys.
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Well obviously you just look like the creepy furry fag you are. It’s not misgendering when they get it right.

Also, does this fucking kid go out to eat every fucking day? It seems like that is all he talks about. View attachment 760384
He spergs out a little more in the replies.
“Didn’t know” while I’m in a skirt, wearing full face makeup, visibly sitting with my legs crossed, and wearing breast pads. If they don’t know to identify female features, they probably aren’t smart enough to be working at Chili’s, and they should be institutionalized.
IDK, the waitress seems pretty sane for thinking you look like a dude. It's a progressive time now, men can wear skirts and cross their legs. Regarding the breast pads, maybe she thought you had gynecomastia.

If the waitress isn't smart enough to work at Chili's, then what does that say about him? He's never had a part-time or full-time job to my knowledge.

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If the waitress isn't smart enough to work at Chili's, then what does that say about him? He's never had a part-time or full-time job to my knowledge.
I don't think he has either, which means his grandma perhaps pays for all his shit and takes him out to eat pretty much everyday. He just got a brand new phone recently, I wonder who was nice enough to purchase that for him. It seems the rest of his family got sick of his shit and booted him but grandma is still enabling his vile and pathetic lifestyle, I wonder how much she evens knows about it. I would be so embarrassed having to be seen with this degenerate in public, maybe her eyesight is bad.

Alex, what are you going to do when grandma doesn't want to spend money on you or shelter you anymore? You have no social skills, no work experience and your entire life revolves around sperging on the internet and jerking it to loli porn. You are a waste of oxygen.


Despawns when approached
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