Dramacow Alex Vidal / Alessandro Connor Vidal / AsrielDr33murr / Crayonization / CZation / Ashe826 - "Trans lesbian" wolfkin. Likes little girls' breasts and wishes he were "a cute virgin cis female". "I'm 150IQ"


finna aboutta go berserk
He is still uploading onto youtube, so he is still around. He uploaded this unboxing video yesterday and its 9mins of his feminine masculine voice, nothing interesting or spergy. He says he is planning more unboxing videos in the future with more stuff to add to his collection that grandma pays for. It honestly blows my mind, he has a collection list of all these retro consoles he is going to get and we know he is not paying for them himself.
completely forgot about his youtube, as of rn it's the only thing he's updating. i am sure he's still keeping tabs on his thread but the video you posted is the only one breaking 100 views lmao
i mean between the meth, the retro systems and more idk why gran is still paying unless thats cover for the meth lol