Careercow Alexander "Lange" Van Camp / Alex Van Camp - Former GamesDoneQuick staff and TF2 legend, slowly tumbling down trying to save the world from fascism


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Nov 1, 2016
A weird little development where a couple days ago he updated his little portfolio site, the commit a simple message of "?". Despite the URL still being, Alex removes references to his name for some reason. He also adds a link to his SoundCloud.

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Wow cool fucking blog retard
Aug 14, 2020
This isn't much of a shock how quickly he nosedived. Him and his buds burned pretty much every bridge possible with the community that got them there in the first place with a ton of juicy meltdowns in between. This will be a VERY entertaining one dont touch that dial folks.
I really hope truk truk doesn't get involved in this inevitable shit show though seemed like an overall level headed guy


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Jun 4, 2017
I have lurked in the competitve TF2 scene for nearly a decade, so it is quite sad to see Lange in such a lowly state. He was quite integral to casting and production during the height of the leagues, when a TF2 shoutcast could still attract a few thousand viewers, even for a regular season match, not to mention being a (relatively) competent Soldier player himself.


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Nov 1, 2016
Since Alex's Twitter was deleted, I wondered where he was posting. Turns out he's been posting directly to YouTube's post feature.

Alex believes BAE Systems, where his sister (not brother) Mackenzie works, "sent out an internal memo stating that [he is] a communist spy" in his red scare renegade pipe dream.
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Anyone know who the people he is whining about are, because I haven't a clue unless he's really whining about his former TF2 roomies like Tagg and whoever else. He's also about to go broke, according to him.
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Alex thinks he might be intersex and by extension a "Two-Spirit". This post is pretty long and just text so I'm just gonna paste and spoiler.
Organized child sex trafficking/pornography in the United States is real, and I may have been a victim of it. I do not know for sure. I think that this scheme involved inducing amnesia via some means. I can think of many hypotheses for how amnesia could be induced, but that's not the important detail. Presumably, one such mechanism is just the brain's natural defense mechanism.

I think that these organizations (henceforth referred to as "rings") know a lot about child development and human psychology. I think the victims are told "none of this is real" at some point when they are the most hurt, vulnerable, and suggestible, such that inception (as in planting a thought deep in someone's subconscious, instead of it merely bouncing off their typical defense mechanisms, like in the 2010 film of the same name) could take place.

I think that one side-effect, or possibly primary goal, of this trauma and/or inception is to turn people into efficient capitalist drones. I think it breaks them in such a way that they become blind to how horrible the world is. How horrible capitalism is. How pointless capitalism is. How easy to destroy it is.

I think that this horrible trauma also makes "great" artists. The deeper the trauma, the more urgent the art. But also, the deeper the trauma, the easier it may be for others to see, predict, and control the person who has it. It ends up being profitable in a capitalist society which monetizes art. It's possibly the most blatant example of the concept of a "perverse incentive". Capitalism somehow finds a way to use every part of the buffalo, so to speak. It finds a way to profit off of the creation of the trauma, as well as the effects of the trauma, as well as controlling the survivors of the trauma.

Beyond that, I think there has been a conspiracy to suppress the existence of intersex people. I think they are somehow societally important in a way I don't understand, and can only theorize about. I think that most intersex babies are mutilated at birth into a false binary of male or female. I don't know if I was one or not. It just seems like an obvious pattern, once you think about it and look at the evidence.

Even further beyond that, I think there is something to the Native American concept of a "Two-Spirit" person, which appears to be at least possibly related to the general concept of intersex people, and might actually be related to why my brain is so weird. Why it seems like I can think thoughts and solve problems that not all people can. I think this all falls under the umbrella of neurodivergence. I might actually have two selves in my brain instead of just one, and I think it might not be an illness, but rather a natural healthy thing, when properly cared for.

I think that art is part of the human brain's immune system which attempts to repair emotional trauma. I think this is why the arts are so suppressed and controlled in the United States. It is suppressed because it helps victims remember.

Oh, I also think the porn industry is controlled to normalize trauma (instead of healthy relationships) and keep people trapped by it. I believe there are multiple articles online about how PornHub is not what it seems on the surface.

EDIT: I also think its time we stop maintaining ignorance of these rings, and instead start doing this to them:

EDIT 2: Oh and this might be relevant

Alex shares his preferences for his ideal romantic partner. I highlighted an interesting bit in bold
By the way, just to clear this one up, because I can sense that there's been some speculation... (if you have no idea what this is about, consider yourself lucky and just ignore it) (oh and i'm not trying to utilize metaphor or subtlety here. i'm not trying to secretly indicate things. i'm trying to be blatant and obvious.)

My preferences for a romantic partner include the following traits:
- within a few years of my age, either older or younger (I am 29, and my birthday was in June)
- at least 25 years old, because that's roughly when the frontal lobe of the brain finishes developing, and it turns out that's pretty important
- not a capitalist
- not a coward
- not afraid of or intimidated by me
- smart enough to know when i'm wrong
- kind enough to tell me when i'm wrong
- strong enough to say "i don't know" or ask for clarification when confused
- not a man (sorry)
- trans, non-binary, intersex, and otherwise gender-nonconforming folks are ok, in addition to cis women
- in the same city as me
- willing to be completely not subtle about flirting. if you're subtle, that means you're trying to get me to do all the work, and that means you're afraid of rejection, and that means you're just like everyone else, and that means i'm not interested. oh, and because i tend to not notice subtle flirting, it could go on for months or years, meanwhile i might not have ever known you had feelings for me. so don't waste your time, and don't be afraid of "no". but, please respect "no".
- no kids. probably ever, but i won't completely eliminate the possibility at some point in the future.
- not white
- ok with weed
- willing to appreciate a good joke, even in the darkest of times
- willing to cook with me
- willing to let me watch you play video games, because i basically cannot enjoy them myself anymore (jaded industry vet), and it's fun to see people have the kind of fun that i used to be able to have
- willing to put up with me playing with synthesizers, drum machines, and other electronic instruments all the time
- willing to let me teach you how to play with synthesizers, drum machines, and other electronic instruments, if you don't already know
- (bonus) willing to start a band

And my history can be described as:
- i think i'm a cis man but i cannot prove it, because intersex surgery exists. for all i know, i was not born like this. dunno how one goes about finding out for sure.
- i have profound emotional trauma that i have been working through. i do not yet know all the root causes of this trauma. but i'm trying to find them.
- i've never had a real girlfriend, only people who manipulated me to keep me around for their entertainment
- there are some injuries on my body i can't explain
- i have chunks of time i can't remember, from several points in my life, and which are in a suspicious context
- i've never had sex wherein i was able to provide consent

So, if y'all could stop finding every possible way to project your own desires and/or phobias onto me, that would be great. Because if I've done this right, then this has been narrowed down to one person, and they know who they are, and they should come find me.

P.S. I literally don't understand why marriage exists, at least in its current form. it's just like... if you have a good relationship, why would you add all these unnecessary social and legal complications around it? that all just seems like added pressure which will increase the chance of the relationship deteriorating. makes no sense to me, idk why anyone would want that. And this has nothing to do with monogamy vs polyamory. Even in a strict monogamous relationship, I don't understand why people get married. Well, I guess some people do it just because our capitalist society forces them to, by gating certain things behind that legal status. Capitalism somehow finds a way to ruin everything.

EDIT: Oh also, I think that a lot of people think that sex is the most important and/or valuable thing in the world, and that any metaphor, mystery, intrigue, or euphemisms therefore must be of a sexual nature. I do not think sex is the most important thing in the world. I think saving lives and improving the condition of humanity is the most important thing in the world. Do with that lens what you will.

Alex got butthurt when someone pointed out how fucking asinine this was and responded like a real ladies' man.
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Alex also privatised his GitHub repository, maybe because he noticed the thread.


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Jun 4, 2017
>sperg rant about dating partner criteria
>"being good with words makes ladies wet"

That's a Wern-tier take. Damn, I hope he doesn't fall into that fuckin kind of pit.

Then again...


What if God has chosen a new custodian for His holy temple...?

Also, he is un-privating multiple youtube videos, some many years old. Here is one (Lange's mom is in the comments):
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Nov 1, 2016

Doctor Lange said:
Anyway, in case you didn't get it, I attempted to write a bunch of vague but true things about myself (and make music/photos which did similar things), such that people would project their own hopes/fears/insecurities/desires onto them and be able to inspect those things more objectively, because they were judging me instead of themselves.

At almost no point did anybody bother asking for clarification on what I was saying. Y'all just ran with it and invented your own stories. Most of these problems arose from how vague the English language is, particularly when written down. It lacks effective means of conveying cadence, emphasis, intonation, etc. It means that you read my words as your _imagined_ version of me, instead of the _actual_ me (Note how I used underscores to indicate emphasis there? It helped you read the sentence how I intended to write it. There's a thing called "Markdown" which would mean that the letters between those underscores become italicized. Oh by the way, Aaron Swartz helped define the syntax of Markdown... ). Beyond that, there's the problem of "semantic overloading", which I have touched on in the past. That's when something can mean more than one thing. Sometimes, a thing can mean so many things that discerning its true meaning becomes nigh impossible, and different people can walk away with WILDLY different interpretations of it. This might even cause conflict! (Ahem, the whole issue with "Lyft" vs "Lift". Tech companies REALLY need to stop colonizing language!)

We need to reconsider language, and we need to safely study it at a neurological level. We need to understand why our brains are so broken, and in particular why the English language is so effective at spreading and just generally being toxic. No, I do not speak any other languages (look, I know music and all these other things are technically languages, but let's focus on spoken/written language for now), but one need not exit a prison to gaze outside its windows and ponder the world beyond.

However, I did accidentally lie a few times, because human brains are imperfect at memory retrieval, particularly in people with dyslexia. One symptom of dyslexia is grabbing the wrong word when trying to describe something. You might accidentally grab a synonym, or even an antonym, or not be able to find it at all, and just end up waving your hands and saying "the thing, you know?". How can we help people with linguistic complications like this better express themselves, and how can we learn to better understand them?

Also, social isolation causes you to break down, mentally. It degrades you, slowly. It truly wreaks havoc on the human psyche. You might not notice it until it feels like it is too late (it's never too late).

We, as a species, need to start diverting as many resources as we can towards creating a vaccine for COVID-19, because our collective psyches are unraveling from the isolation and stress of trying to survive a pandemic. We don't have time to be fighting wars and arguing about money. We need to save lives, improve the condition of humanity, and make it safe for people to go outside, not wear masks (so that we can read lips and facial expressions), talk to each other in public, be close to each other, and yes: have sex.

At this point, we have a moral imperative as Doctors to resolve this pandemic.

By any means necessary.

We are prepared to use violent force to take control of the resources needed to end this pandemic, before it ends our society and possibly our species.

We have felt more pain than you can possibly imagine, and we know very well how you work.

You cannot possibly beat us in a fight.

Because we fight from love.

And you fight from fear.

EDIT: Also, I think that every person should be taught sign language, and that we should sign even when the only participants in the conversation are people with intact hearing. We need to be inclusive of deaf people. They matter, and we have shut them out of our society almost entirely. That is beyond cruel.

Alex has deleted the Github and Discord for NodeCG, his broadcast program, without telling anyone. This led to the other maintainers having to scramble to restore the repository and related documentation to a new remote.

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Boris Blank's glass eye

Is this cultural appropriation?
Feb 13, 2020

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