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Soooo, Pukey didn't spend any time in jail. She was endorsed to the San Mateo Sheriff's Work Program and only had to work 10 days in lieu of her 20 day jail sentence. Lame.

Sheriff's Work Program (SWP) was established in 1983 as an alternative to high cost incarceration and full-time confinement in a jail facility for those persons considered low-risk, minimum-security offenders. Defendants serve time by participating in a work program, performing manual labor work in lieu of confinement. Participants must be recommended for the Program by a Court Order and pay a fee for participation. Participants report to the Sheriff’s Work Program office in the morning, work during the day, then go home at night. Due to a recent change in the law as of 1/1/15, they are only required to serve half of their sentence (example: if they receive 60 days in jail as a penalty, and they qualify for the work program, they only serve 30 days in the sheriff’s work program). They are not required to do the time consecutively, and usually do 1-2 days a week, thus they can do the Sheriff’s Work Program around their regular work schedule, and will not lose their job.


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I miss this cow. Everything is either inactive or deleted. It's probably for the best though.
It's this that makes me so happy the OP is as well-done as it is. It's such a shame she's a dead-in-the-water cow.

Every now and then I come back to this thread to at least read the OP because Alex is almost completely indescribable as a person. She was an ungodly amalgamation of that one middle school girl who's way too into popular yaoi-bait manga, a burgeoning manosphere nutcase who'd finally found their home on a MGTOW forum, and Tumblr's absolute worst traits from the early-to-middle 2010s from top to bottom - and she was somehow assembled without crumbling apart into multiple separate lolcalfs during the production process. Re-reading her thirstposts knowing she draws and expecting her art to match her posts only to see the most 2013/2014 uglified tumblr chibis be what she actually draws is fucking sublime.

Given how silent Alex's been, I can only assume she's keeping an extremely low profile, if any profile at all. I wouldn't be surprised if she's got a wrangler supervising her. She's gotta be genuinely nutty in some shape or form for her to have been that extreme while still online, and if she is really addled it's for the best she can't pull this shit anymore.
Means this subforum's got yet another indefinitely dead thread though :(

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