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Where are those good old fashioned values?
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Many Enterbots like to mimic their idol, but alexsavov2 takes this to a whole new level. Like any enterbot, his gallery contains mostly notebook pages rather than actual art, and like Enter, he has a 'badass' avatar:

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 4.45.11 PM.png

What is this avatar for, you ask? Alex has his own cartoon review series, called horrid animations. Which is a direct clone of Enter's series. Complete with looping footage, ear shattering screeches, and nitpicking about mean-spiritedness. His most infamous review is of Disney's Frozen. In it, he complains about there being too many songs (in spite of Frozen being a musical), the film being over hyped (even though this isn't the movie's fault) and about plot holes, most of which were caused by him being unable to understand a story, a fact which plagues many of his reviews.

He's also shown himself to have a perverted streak.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 4.51.28 PM.png




From his DeviantArt page. Two things...

1- I guess the biggest bit but THIS is what makes you ashamed to be an American? The institutional racism, the broken political system, the billions of other awful bits of pop culture that become huge? No it's a kids movie that not only appeals to whole families but does something different by focusing on two female leads. Kid (or spergy ass adult since we don't know) really needs some perspective.

2- Even if the movie were shit it isn't like dude's taste is any good. I mean dude likes Mr. Enter's shit.
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Piga Dgrifm

Where are those good old fashioned values?
True & Honest Fan
He hasn't posted his age anywhere that I've found, which I guess puts him above other bots that post personal information everywhere.

Anyway, he's pretty much a mini-Enter, he even bitches about copyright all the time.

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@Piga Dgrifm: How young is this kid?

Has he even heard of Rugrats? I just recently became an adult and I remember seeing the second Rugrats movie in the theaters. I remember when it was the most popular show on Nick (and people were saying it hadn't been good in years, just like SpongeBob...)


Never thought I'd live to see the day when I come across someone who gets triggered by Frozen.
Please let this be another April Fool's joke.
I'm afraid not. A person who pulls a April fools joke last noon is the real fool, but this guy makes that philosophy sound like shit.

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