Alice Walker Wright / Alice Ridley / partypantsNYC / MercaturThe morbidly obese raging alcoholic thieving owner of GOMI.

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by entropyseekswork, Sep 26, 2016.

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  1. Wait, they are STILL going after The Freckled Fox?
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  2. Yeah, relentlessly. :story: which lead me to this discovery, Alice has disabled copy and pasting from the front page of GOMI. There's still screenshots and archive, you dumb bitch, which are the preferred methods for keeping track of your shitty behavior. I'm glad you're funneling your legions of haters into more permanent means of cataloging you.

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  3. This bitch is still fucking with that woman? Why?
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  4. You know, I would think after all the shit you wrote about the family and the many, many ways you were proven to be wrong on all accounts would make you lay off from the woman and maybe consider not bringing the topic up again. There's mocking mommybloggers for fun and then there's harrassing them to the point of cruelty.
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    ure_mum KGB agent|hacked the DNC|probably Putin as well
  5. Because she is a profoundly damaged, mentally ill woman who abandoned her own toddler to pursue a life of being unloved and drunk. The only way Alice can feel superior to anyone is to seize on people like this and incite hordes of fellow bedwetters to go after her, too. She's very proud of this.
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  6. I tried to go to GOMI to read up on her most recent Freckled Fox assaults and the site kept doing that "there was a problem with the website so it's being reloaded" thing over and over and over until I gave up. The eternal GOMI usability clusterfuck continues.
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  7. Not that it excuses whatever the fuck it is pissypants is trying to do, but there is a relatively new thread on the forum that generated a fair degree of attention.

    (The archive is only only of the first page, you go to the actual thread after Page 1.)

    It appears to have been started by somebody unaware of the previous drama, who was simply commenting on the propriety of remarrying less than six months after your husband passes away. Which does seem a little weird to me, come to that, but given pissypants's past experience with Freckled Fox pissypants probably should have locked it. I guess pissypants is catering to her (dwindling) audience as much as she's doing anything else. That and her weird anti-Mormon hate boner doubtless made it irresistible to comment upon.

    BTW, if somebody as ignorant as I am of all things tech related could figure out a way around the ad-blocking redirect in about two minutes I'm not even sure why she bothers. Is it harder to figure out a way around it on mobile or something?
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  8. I've never posted on GOMI, but I check it periodically for delicious drama on Jenna Cole because I can't bring myself to actually read Jenna's shit.

    :powerlevel: Freckled Fox and Jenny Perillo both received my internet stranger monies. Basically I have no sense when it comes to widows and orphans. I crowdfunded those hot widow boots and then I didn't learn my lesson :'((:_(
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  9. She's really trying to sell "brand Partypants" isn't she.
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  10. In the alleged pursuit of irony, Alice has become exactly what she purports to despise.
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  11. Her Instagram seems to be private now. Why so shy, Piggy?

  12. I hope Trump builds a better wall than Alice:


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  13. Why's she always make those stupid faces in her pictures?
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  14. She thinks she's being ironic. Nice ironic and liberal use of the blur tool, Alice. Screenshot_2017-02-12-18-48-48.png Screenshot_2017-02-12-18-49-06.png

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  15. #276 bacterium, Feb 12, 2017
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  16. Y'know this makes me all warm and fuzzy knowing this bitch spent the Christmas season alone. Smarmy mean spirited arrogance like that deserves nothing less.
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  17. I fucking love the self-ownage of her Instagram. She thinks she’s so hilarious with her smug parody images mocking lifestyle bloggers. But there comes a point where irony doesn’t matter anymore because well, you still did this, regardless of intent, so ultimately she’s just some idiot who spilled coffee in her bed. #blessed
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  18. It happened again. Someone I know sent Alice screenshots that show a certain mommy blog conference owner is stiffing her bloggers. She should have paid them months ago and she's blowing them off. What did Alice post on GOMI instead? "Gluten Free Girl is Changing Her Blog" and "Jenna Cole is Leaving SAN Francisco."

    She acts like she's all hardcore. Here was her chance to break a what would be a scandal in the blogging world and she went with Gluten Free Girl. Again.
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  19. How's about they break it here? Our Beauty Parlor board is a little less stringent in thread qualifications and I'm sure we could make something like that work over there.
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